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Jul-2005Histone deacetylase 1 is required for cell cycle exit and differentiation in the zebrafish retina.Stadler, JA; Shkumatava, A; Norton, WH; Rau, MJ; Geisler, R; Fischer, S; Neumann, CJJournal Article
Feb-2005Monorail/Foxa2 regulates floorplate differentiation and specification of oligodendrocytes, serotonergic raphé neurones and cranial motoneurones.Norton, WH; Mangoli, M; Lele, Z; Pogoda, HM; Diamond, B; Mercurio, S; Russell, C; Teraoka, H; Stickney, HL; Rauch, GJ; Heisenberg, CP; Houart, C; Schilling, TF; Frohnhoefer, HG; Rastegar, S; Neumann, CJ; Gardiner, RM; Strähle, U; Geisler, R; Rees, M; Talbot, WS; Wilson, SWJournal Article
Dec-2008NR4A2 controls the differentiation of selective dopaminergic nuclei in the zebrafish brain.Blin, M; Norton, W; Bally-Cuif, L; Vernier, PJournal Article
1-Jul-2008Evolutionary design principles of modules that control cellular differentiation: consequences for hysteresis and multistationarity.Kim, J; Kim, TG; Jung, SH; Kim, JR; Park, T; Heslop-Harrison, P; Cho, KHJournal Article
30-Dec-2009MicroRNA and tasiRNA diversity in mature pollen of Arabidopsis thaliana.Grant-Downton, R.; Le Trionnaire, Gael; Schmid, Ralf; Rodriguez-Enriquez, J.; Hafidh, S.; Mehdi, S.; Twell, D.; Dickinson, H.Journal Article
4-May-2004GIANT CHLOROPLAST 1 is essential for correct plastid division in Arabidopsis.Maple, J; Fujiwara, MT; Kitahata, N; Lawson, T; Baker, NR; Yoshida, S; Møller, SGJournal Article
17-Jul-2007Intracellular signalling: chloroplast backchat.Jarvis, PJournal Article
20-Jul-2007Functional similarity between the chloroplast translocon component, Tic40, and the human co-chaperone, Hsp70-interacting protein (Hip).Bédard, J; Kubis, S; Bimanadham, S; Jarvis, PJournal Article
2007The conserved cysteine-rich domain of a tesmin/TSO1-like protein binds zinc in vitro and TSO1 is required for both male and female fertility in Arabidopsis thaliana.Andersen, SU; Algreen-Petersen, RG; Hoedl, M; Jurkiewicz, A; Cvitanich, C; Braunschweig, U; Schauser, L; Oh, SA; Twell, D; Jensen, EØJournal Article
2009Male gametophyte development: a molecular perspective.Borg, M; Brownfield, L; Twell, DJournal Article