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2004Contrast enhancement through structural variations in the rhabdoms of oplophorid shrimps.Gaten, E.; Shelton, P.M.J.; Nowel, M.S.Article
2001Introgression of rye chromatin on chromosome 2D in the Portuguese wheat landrace 'Barbela'.Ribeiro-Carvalho, C.; Guedes-Pinto, H.; Heslop-Harrison, J.S. (Pat); Schwarzacher, T.Article
2000Repetitive DNA sequences in Crocus vernus Hill (Iridaceae): The genomic organization and distribution of dispersed elements in the genus Crocus and its allies.Frello, S; Heslop-Harrison, J.S. (Pat)Article
2003Interspecific Variations in the Morphology and Ultrastructure of the Rhabdoms of Oplophorid Shrimps.Gaten, E.; Shelton, P.M.J.; Nowel, M.S.Article
2002Eye morphology and optics of a double-eyed mysid shrimp, Euchaetomera typica.Gaten, E.; Herring, P.J.; Shelton, P.M.J.Article
1999Are vent shrimp blinded by science?Herring, P.J.; Gaten, E.; Shelton, P.M.J.Article
2003Induction of infectious Petunia vein clearing (pararetro) virus from endogenous provirus in petuniaRichert-Pöggeler, K.R.; Noreen, F.; Schwarzacher, T.; Harper, G.; Hohn, T.Article
2004Functional Specialization Amongst the Arabidopsis Toc159 Family of Chloroplast Protein Import Receptors.Kubis, Sybille E.; Patel, Ramesh; Combe, Jonathan P.; Bédard, J.; Kovacheva, S.; Lilley, Kathryn S.; Leister, D.; Ríos, G.; Koncz, C.; Jarvis, P.Article
2007Further in vivo studies on the role of the molecular chaperone, Hsp93, in plastid protein importKovacheva, S.; Bédard, J.; Wardle, Anthony; Patel, Ramesh; Jarvis, P.Article
15-Nov-2001FHY1: a phytochrome A-specific signal transducer.Desnos, T.; Puente, P.; Whitelam, Garry C.; Harberd, N.P.Article