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27-Nov-2014Differential gene expression and alternative splicing in insect immune specificity.Riddell, C. E.; Lobaton Garces, J. D.; Adams, S.; Barribeau, S. M.; Twell, David; Mallon, Eamonn B.Journal Article
2005A novel class of MYB factors controls sperm cell formation in plantsRotman, Nicolas; Durbarry, Anjusha; Wardle, Anthony; Yang, Wei Cai; Chaboud, Annie; Faure, Jean-Emmanuel; Berger, Frédéric; Twell, DavidArticle
2000Ants estimate area using Buffon's needleMallon, Eamonn B.; Franks, Nigel R.Article
8-Oct-2003Immune response inhibits associative learning in insectsMallon, Eamonn B.; Brockmann, Axel; Schmid-Hempel, PaulArticle
31-Oct-2002Information flow, opinion polling and collective intelligence in house-hunting social insectsFranks, Nigel R.; Pratt, Stephen C.; Mallon, Eamonn B.; Britton, Nicholas F.; Sumpter, David J.T.Article
2001Nests as ornaments: revealing construction by male sticklebacksBarber, I.; Nairn, D.; Huntingford, F.A.Article
23-Nov-2011Microarray-Based Transcriptomic Analysis of Differences between Long-Term Gregarious and Solitarious Desert LocustsBadisco, Liesbeth; Ott, Swidbert Roger; Rogers, Stephen M.; Matheson, Thomas; Knapen, Dries; Vergauwen, Lucia; Verlinden, Heleen; Marchal, Elisabeth; Sheehy, Matt R.J.; Burrows, Malcolm; Vanden Broeck, JozefJournal Article
2002Population diffrentiation of Potamogeton pectinatus in the Baltic Sea with reference to waterfowl dispersalKing, R.A.; Gornall, R.J.; Preston, C.D.; Croft, J.M.Article
2004A receiver bias in the origin of three-spined stickleback mate choiceSmith, C.; Barber, I.; Wootton, R.J.; Chittka, L.Article
2006Rhythmic Motor Activity Evoked by NMDA in the Spinal Zebrafish LarvaMcDearmid, J.R.; Drapeau, P.Article