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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010The introduced Micropterus salmoides in an equatorial lake: A paradoxical loser in an invasion meltdown scenario?Britton, JR; Oyugi, DO; Harper, DM; Grey, J; Oyugi, DOJournal Article
Sep-2008Juvenile growth of two tilapia species in lakes Naivasha and Baringo, KenyaBritton, JR; Harper, DM; Britton, JRJournal Article
Dec-2007From introduction to fishery dominance: The initial impacts of the invasive carp Cyprinus carpio in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, 1999 to 2006Britton, JR; Boar, RR; Grey, J; Foster, J; Lugonzo, J; Harper, DMJournal Article
Jul-2009Status, ecology and conservation of an endemic fish, oreochromis niloticus baringoensis, in Lake Baringo, KenyaBritton, JR; Jackson, MC; Grey, J; Muchiri, M; Tarras-Wahlberg, H; Harper, DMJournal Article
Jun-2011Management implications of the response of two tilapiine cichlids to long-term changes in lake level, allodiversity and exploitation in an equatorial lakeOyugi, DO; Ntiba, JM; Oyugi, DO; Britton, JR; Harper, DM; Kisia, SMJournal Article
Aug-2006Length-weight relationships of fish species in the freshwater rift valley lakes of KenyaBritton, JR; Harper, DMJournal Article
Sep-2009Ligula intestinalis (Cestoda: Diphyllobothriidae) in Kenya: A field investigation into host specificity and behavioural alterationsBritton, JR; Jackson, MC; Harper, DMJournal Article
Jun-2010Is the fast growth of an equatorial Micropterus salmoides population explained by high water temperature?Britton, JR; Harper, DM; Oyugi, DOJournal Article
Jun-2011Life history traits of an equatorial common carp Cyprinus carpio population in relation to thermal influences on invasive populationsOyugi, DO; Britton, JR; Oyugi, DO; Ntiba, MJ; Kisia, SM; Cucherousset, J; Cucherousset, J; Harper, DMJournal Article