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Nov-1995The molecular cytogenetics of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp: the physical organization and characterization of 18 s-5.8 s-25 s rRNA genes, 5 s rRNA genes, telomere-like sequences, and a family of centromeric repetitive DNA sequencesGalasso, I; Pignone, D; Schmidt, T; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
1-May-1998Genomes, genes and junk: the large-scale organization of plant chromosomesSchmidt, T; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
1-Dec-1998Repetitive DNA elements as a major component of plant genomesKubis, S; Schmidt, T; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Oct-1998Molecular and chromosomal organization of two repetitive DNA sequences with intercalary locations in sugar beet and other Beta speciesSchmidt, T; Jung, C; Kubis, S; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Katsiotis, AJournal Article
1-Jul-2000The contribution of short repeats of low sequence complexity to large conifer genomesSchmidt, A; Doudrick, RL; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Schmidt, TJournal Article
Jan-1997Comparative analysis of the chromosomal and genomic organization of Ty1-copia-like retrotransposons in pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiospermsBrandes, A; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Kamm, A; Kubis, S; Schmidt, T; Doudrick, RLJournal Article
1997A family of differentially amplified repetitive DNA sequences in the genus Beta reveals genetic variation in Beta vulgaris subspecies and cultivarsKubis, S; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Kubis, S; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Schmidt, TJournal Article
1995Analysis and chromosomal localization of retrotransposons in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.): LINEs and Ty1-copia-like elements as major components of the genomeSchmidt, T; Kubis, S; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
6-Aug-1996The physical and genomic organization of microsatellites in sugar beetSchmidt, T; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
2-Apr-1996The genomic and physical organization of Ty1-copia-like sequences as a component of large genomes in Pinus elliottii var. elliottii and other gymnospermsKamm, A; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Schmidt, T; Doudrick, RLJournal Article