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Aug-2004Diverse patterns of the tandem repeats organization in rye chromosomes.Alkhimova, OG; Mazurok, NA; Potapova, TA; Zakian, SM; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Vershinin, AVJournal Article
2003Complex satellite DNA reshuffling in the polymorphic t(1;29) Robertsonian translocation and evolutionary derived chromosomes in cattleChaves, R; Adega, F; Guedes-Pinto, H; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Wienberg, JJournal Article
2003Tandemly repeated DNA sequences and centromeric chromosomal regions of Arabidopsis speciesHeslop-Harrison, JS; Brandes, A; Schwarzacher, TJournal Article
2008Sequence analysis, chromosomal distribution and long-range organization show that rapid turnover of new and old pBuM satellite DNA repeats leads to different patterns of variation in seven species of the Drosophila buzzatii cluster.Kuhn, GC; Sene, FM; Moreira-Filho, O; Schwarzacher, T; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
2008Genomes, diversity and resistance gene analogues in Musa species.Azhar, M; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Oct-2009Quantitative trait loci mapping for biomass yield traits in a lolium inbred line derived F populationAnhalt, UCM; Byrne, S; Barth, S; Anhalt, UCM; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Piepho, HPJournal Article
30-Dec-2007Repetitive DNA, molecular cytogenetics and genome organization in the King scallop (Pecten maximus).Biscotti, MA; Canapa, A; Olmo, E; Barucca, M; Teo, CH; Schwarzacher, T; Dennerlein, S; Richter, R; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
May-2009Evolutionary dynamics and sites of illegitimate recombination revealed in the interspersion and sequence junctions of two nonhomologous satellite DNAs in cactophilic Drosophila species.Kuhn, GC; Teo, CH; Schwarzacher, T; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
1-Oct-2003Molecular cytogenetic analysis and centromeric satellite organization of a novel 8;11 translocation in sheep: A possible intermediate in biarmed chromosome evolutionChaves, R; Adega, F; Guedes-Pinto, H; Wienberg, J; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
14-Apr-2006Optical fluorescence of biological samples using STJsFraser, GW; Smith, SJ; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Schwarzacher, T; Verhoeve, P; Peacock, AJournal Article