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Apr-2012Size and location of radish chromosome regions carrying the fertility restorer Rfk1 gene in spring turnip rape.Niemelä, T; Seppänen, M; Badakshi, F; Rokka, VM; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Aug-2004Diverse patterns of the tandem repeats organization in rye chromosomes.Alkhimova, OG; Mazurok, NA; Potapova, TA; Zakian, SM; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Vershinin, AVJournal Article
2008Genomes, diversity and resistance gene analogues in Musa species.Azhar, M; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Apr-2008Retroelement insertional polymorphisms, diversity and phylogeography within diploid, D-genome Aegilops tauschii (Triticeae, Poaceae) sub-taxa in Iran.Saeidi, H; Rahiminejad, MR; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Sep-2010Genes in evolution: the control of diversity and speciation.Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Apr-2012Genome evolution: extinction, continuation or explosion?Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
15-Mar-1999Integration of banana streak badnavirus into the Musa genome: molecular and cytogenetic evidence.Harper, G; Osuji, JO; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Hull, RJournal Article
2005Characterisation of pararetrovirus-like sequences in the genome of potato (Solanum tuberosum).Hansen, CN; Harper, G; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Nov-2007From crop domestication to super-domestication.Vaughan, DA; Balázs, E; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Apr-2011Organisation of the plant genome in chromosomes.Heslop-Harrison, JS; Schwarzacher, TJournal Article