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dc.contributor.authorHall, Stephen G.-
dc.contributor.authorSwamy, P. A. V. B.-
dc.contributor.authorTavlas, George S.-
dc.contributor.authorHondroyiannis, George-
dc.description.abstractTime-varying coefficient (TVC) estimation is a technique that has been developed to produce consistent estimates of parameters in the simultaneous face of measurement errors, unknown functional form and omitted variables. Previous work on the technique has not paid explicit attention to the issue of non-stationarity. This paper outlines the basic stages of the technique and discusses in detail how the issue of non-stationarity and cointegration affect each stage of the TVC estimation procedure.en_GB
dc.publisherDept. of Economics, University of Leicesteren_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPapers in Economicsen_GB
dc.subjectSpecification Problemen_GB
dc.subjectCorrect interpretation of coefficientsen_GB
dc.subjectAppropriate assumptionen_GB
dc.subjectTime-varying coefficient modelen_GB
dc.subjectCoefficient driveren_GB
dc.titleTime-varying coefficient estimation in the presence of non-stationarityen_GB
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