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Title: Multiple-electron excitation in X-ray absorption: a simple generic model
Authors: Roy, Mervyn
Lindsay, J. D.
Louch, S.
Gurman, Steve J.
First Published: Jul-2001
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Citation: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2001, 8 (4), pp. 1103-1108.
Abstract: The probability of multiple-electron excitation in X-ray absorption is calculated using a simple generic model. The model permits calculations to be made for all atoms with little input data or computing effort. The high-energy limit of this probability, which gives the usual EXAFS amplitude reduction factor, is calculated in the `sudden approximation' using Slater orbitals. Good agreement with experiment is found. The energy dependence of this probability is also calculated using a simple model form of perturbing potential and found to agree well with experiment for rare gas atoms. The effect on the X-ray absorption coefficient of including multiple-electron excitations is also determined and is found to be small, again in agreement with observation.
DOI Link: 10.1107/S0909049501008160
ISSN: 0909-0495
Type: Article
Rights: This is an authorised electronic reprint of the paper published as Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2001, 8 (4), pp. 1103-1108. This paper is available from Doi: 10.1107/S0909049501008160
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