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Title: Sparta and its perioikic neighbours: a century of reassessment
Authors: Shipley, D. Graham J.
First Published: 2006
Publisher: Department of Classics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Citation: Hermathena, 2006, 181, pp. 51-82
Abstract: The pace of research into the history and archaeology of Sparta and Laconia is ever-quickening, with scholars worldwide engaged in a continual rethink of old positions. Archaeologists, particularly Greek, Dutch, and British, are gathering new data to enrich the material and topographical contexts in which we study ancient Sparta, its predecessors, and its successors. Our honorand (George Huxley) occupies a place of distinction in Laconian studies with his important monograph on early Spartan history and a co-authored volume of fieldwork in Kythera, not to mention a series of notable papers on ancient and post-classical Laconia. In this paper, I return to a topic that has interested us both: the Lakedaimonian and Messenian perioikoi.
ISSN: 0018-0750
Type: Article
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