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Title: The extent of Spartan territory in the late classical and hellenistic periods
Authors: Shipley, D. Graham J.
First Published: 2000
Publisher: British School at Athens
Citation: Annual of the British School at Athens, 2000, 95, pp. 367-390
Abstract: As part of a wider investigation of landscape change in the late Classical and Hellenistic Peloponnese, this paper reviews the written and archaeological evidence for the Lakedaimonian Perioikoi and the extent of Spartandominated territory. While the north-western perioikic poleis were lost mainly in or soon after 369 BC, some survived under Megalopolitan control. The Thyreatis was probably Spartan until 338, but there is no evidence that the southern Parnon coast was removed until the late third or early second century. Of Spartan core territory, Sellasia was lost finally in 222, Geronthrai then or later, but other poleis probably remained Spartan. Those of the Malea and Tainaron peninsulas were probably lost mainly in 195 BC. The resulting catalogue of settlements forming part of the Lakedaimonian state at different dates lays the foundation for further historical studies.
ISSN: 0068-2454
Type: Article
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