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Title: Messapian Zeus: an early sixth-century inscribed cup from Lakonia
Authors: Catling, R. W. V.
Shipley, D. Graham J.
First Published: 1989
Publisher: British School at Athens
Citation: Annual of the British School at Athens, 1989, 84, pp. 187-200
Abstract: Fragments of a large Black-Glazed Cup with part of an incised inscription are published. A date c. 590-570 is suggested. A second, slightly earlier cup from the Menelaion is included. The inscription refers to the cult of Zeus Messapeus attested in the sources. Discussion centres on the location of the cult-place and the origin of the cult. It is suggested that it derives from the region of Messapia in South Italy where the Spartan colony of Taras was situated.
ISSN: 0068-2454
Type: Article
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