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Title: Implementing information technology in education in Hong Kong primary schools: an evaluative case study in policy analysis
Authors: Chow, Hiu-Keung (Derek)
Supervisors: Sutton, A.
Stevenson, H.
Award date: 18-Dec-2009
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: This is an evaluative case study in policy formulation and implementation in Hong Kong. The main aim of the research was to investigate the impact of the Information Technology in Education (ITEd) Strategy (EMB, 1998a; EMB, 2004a) on practice in primary schools in Hong Kong and the factors which influenced the implementation of the strategy. The four-stage Policy Development Model developed by Bell and Stevenson (2006) was used as the conceptual framework for the research together with a pedagogical framework devised by Hirumi (2002). The study focussed on the use of Information Technology (IT) to support a paradigm shift in learning from a largely textbook based teacher centred approach to a more interactive and learner centred approach. The researcher used both a questionnaire survey and semi-structured interviews to seek the perception of Principals in Hong Kong primary schools. The research concluded that there was tension between the formulation of the ITEd Strategy and its implementation in schools. Despite the principals’ support for the visions of the strategy, the potential of IT to transform learning was not fully realised. This was because of the failure of the Hong Kong Government to anticipate the extent of the challenge and to provide sufficient guidance and support to overcome barriers to change which arose during the implementation phase. These barriers involved value systems, psychological and practical factors and they affected both principals’ and teachers’ attitude to change. The findings imply further action that might be taken by the Hong Kong Government to provide appropriate support for the development of IT in Hong Kong primary schools.
Type: Thesis
Level: Doctoral
Qualification: EdD
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