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Title: EISCAT Svalbard radar observations of SPEAR-induced E- and F-region spectral enhancements in the polar cap ionosphere
Authors: Dhillon, R. S.
Robinson, T. R.
Yeoman, Tim K.
First Published: 29-Aug-2007
Publisher: Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
Citation: Annales Geophysicae, 2007, 25 (8), pp. 1801-1814.
Abstract: The Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar (SPEAR) facility has successfully operated in the high-power heater and low-power radar modes and has returned its first results. The high-power results include observations of SPEAR-induced ion and plasma line spectral enhancements recorded by the EISCAT Svalbard UHF incoherent scatter radar system (ESR), which is collocated with SPEAR. These SPEAR-enhanced spectra possess features that are consistent with excitation of both the purely growing mode and the parametric decay instability. In this paper, we present observations of upper and lower E-region SPEAR-induced ion and plasma line enhancements, together with F-region spectral enhancements, which indicate excitation of both instabilities and which are consistent with previous theoretical treatments of instability excitation in sporadic E-layers. In agreement with previous observations, spectra from the lower E-region have the single-peaked form characteristic of collisional plasma. Our observations of the SPEAR-enhanced E-region spectra suggest the presence of variable drifting regions of patchy overdense plasma, which is a finding also consistent with previous results.
DOI Link: 10.5194/angeo-25-1801-2007
ISSN: 0992-7689
Type: Article
Rights: This paper was published as Annales Geophysicae, 2007, 25 (8), pp. 1801-1814. It is also available from Doi: 10.5194/angeo-25-1801-2007 © Author(s) 2007. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
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