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Sep-2008Context Aware Collaborative Working EnvironmentsReiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Hong, Yi; Yu, Hong Qing; Dustdar, Schahram; Dorn, Christoph; Schall, Daniel; Truong, Hong-Linh; Peray, Sebastien; Tilly, Marcel; Giuliani, Giovanni; Melchiorre, Christian; Stringa, SimonaBook chapter
2006Algebraic Specification of a Model Transformation EngineBoronat, Artur; Carsí, José Á.; Ramos, IsidroBook
2005Automatic Support for Traceability in a Generic Model Management FrameworkBoronat, Artur; Carsí, José Á.; Ramos, IsidroBook chapter
24-Jan-2006Approximation Algorithms for Edge-Disjoint Paths and Unsplittable FlowErlebach, ThomasBook chapter
28-Aug-2007Activity Theoretical Analysis and Design Model Web-Based ExperimentationNguyen-Ngoc, A.V.Book chapter
21-Jun-2007Genetic Algorithms with Elite-Based Immigrants for Changing Optimization ProblemsYang, ShengxiangBook chapter
2007Interaction and Context in Service-Oriented E-Collaboration EnvironmentsDorn, Christoph; Dustdar, Schahram; Giuliani, Giovanni; Gombotz, Robert; Ning, Ke; Peray, Sébastien; Reiff-Marganiec, Stephan; Schall, Daniel; Tilly, MarcelBook chapter
4-Sep-2007Architecture migration driven by code categorizationCorreia, Rui; Matos, Carlos M.P.; Heckel, Reiko; El-Ramly, MohammadBook chapter
21-Jun-2007Triggered Memory-Based Swarm Optimization in Dynamic EnvironmentsWang, Hongfeng; Wang, Xingwei; Yang, ShengxiangBook chapter
May-2008A Coordination Model for Service-Oriented InteractionsAbreu, Joao; Fiadeiro, José LuizBook chapter