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Title: The standard of living and agrarian social change in northern England, c. 1660-1870.
Authors: Snell, Keith D.M.
First Published: 1986
Publisher: Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
Citation: ESRC Published Grant Report, 1986
Type: Report
Description: This Grant Report was published by the ESRC in 1986. This research is also reported on in: ESRC, Industry, the Economy and the Environment Research Development Group Inheritance Paper (August, 1988), pp. 20-22; and in: Research Supported by the ESRC (1986).
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This research project covers the standard of living and aspects of social and economic change in the agricultural and artisan sectors of northern England, between 1660 and 1870. Using mainly poor law and settlement records which provide biographical information on members of the labour force, the aim is to assess the effects of industrialisation on long-term trends in agricultural real wages and familial income, and on sexual divisions of labour in agriculture and the trades. Attention will also be paid to changes in seasonal and yearly unemployment, the decline of traditional apprenticeship, changes in employment and hiring practices affecting the position of young people, labour mobility and supply, the operation of the old and new poor laws, and demographic and social changes in the family during this period. The intention is to assemble data on rural social and economic change in the industrialising north which will complement the work now completed by this author on the more strictly agricultural counties in the south of England and Wales, making clearer the very different social and economic developments in the north and south between 1660 and 1870.
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