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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
25-Jun-2015Temperature Dependence of Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in AZ31 Magnesium AlloyZhang, S. Y.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Lawes, Simon D.A.Journal Article
17-Sep-2015Spanwise domain effects on the evolution of the plane turbulent mixing layerMcMullan, William A.Journal Article
Jun-2015Resolved Scalar Mixing in Large Eddy Simulations of a Low Reynolds Number Plane Mixing LayerMcMullan, William A.; Hug, S. N.Conference Paper
Jun-2015The Effect of Initial Conditions on Streamwise Vortices in the Plane Turbulent Mixing LayerMcMullan, William A.; Garrett, Stephen J.Conference Paper
1-Jul-2015Rapid Encoding of New Memories by Individual Neurons in the Human BrainIson, Matias J.; Quian Quiroga, Rodrigo; Fried, ItzhakJournal Article
14-Aug-2015Non-uniform central airways ventilation model based on vascular segmentationIbrahim, Gihad A.; Rona, Aldo; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Journal Article
1-May-2015The Persistence of Vortex Structures Between Rotating Cylinders in the 10^6 Taylor Number RangeAdebayo, David S.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
9-Apr-2013Stress-Induced Lipocalin-2 Controls Dendritic Spine Formation and Neuronal Activity in the AmygdalaSkrzypiec, A. E.; Shah, Rahul S.; Schiavon, Emanuele; Baker, Eva; Skene, N.; Pawlak, R.; Mucha, MariuszJournal Article
9-Apr-2013Non-Conscious Processing of Motion Coherence Can Boost Conscious AccessKaunitz, L. N.; Fracasso, A.; Lingnau, A.; Melcher, D.Journal Article
1-May-2015PIV Study of the Flow Across the Meridional Plane of Rotating Cylinders with Wide GapRona, Aldo; Adebayo, David S.Journal Article
27-Apr-2015Past, present and future of spike sorting techniquesRey, Hernan Gonzalo; Pedreira, Carlos; Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
6-Nov-2014Single trial analysis of field potentials in perception, learning and memory.Rey, Hernan Gonzalo; Ahmadi, Maryam; Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
25-Sep-2014Single-cell responses to face adaptation in the human medial temporal lobe.Quian Quiroga, Rodrigo; Kraskov, A.; Mormann, F.; Fried, I.; Koch, C.Journal Article
29-Aug-2014Perceptual and contextual awareness: methodological considerations in the search for the neural correlates of consciousness.Navajas, Joaquin; Rey, Hernan G.; Quian Quiroga, RodrigoJournal Article
25-Mar-2015Spark plasma sintered bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials incorporating dispersed boron carbideWilliams, Hugo R.; Ambrosi, R. M.; Chen, K.; Friedman, U.; Ning, H.; Reece, M. J.; Robbins, M. C.; Simpson, K.; Stephenson, K.Journal Article
Jul-1999The synthesis of travelling ionospheric disturbance (TID) signatures in HF radar observations using ray tracingStocker, A. J.; Arnold, N. F.; Jones, T. B.Journal Article
11-Feb-2015The stability of elastically strained nanorings and the formation of quantum dot moleculesGill, Simon P.A.Journal Article
2014Evolution of frequency composition for Atrial arrhythmiasAhmad, A.; Buyamin, S.; Tuan, J. H.; Ng, G. A.; Schlindwein, F. S.Journal Article
20-Dec-2013Distinctive Patterns of Dominant Frequency Trajectory Behavior in Drug-Refractory Persistent Atrial Fibrillation: Preliminary Characterization of Spatiotemporal InstabilitySalinet, João L.; Tuan, Jiun H.; Sandilands, Alastair J.; Stafford, Peter J.; Schlindwein, Fernando S.; Ng, Ghulam A.Journal Article
16-Nov-2010Large Eddy Simulation of a Controlled Diffusion Compressor CascadeMcMullan, W. Andrew; Page, Gary J.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 910
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