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Jun-2007A study of the temperature dependence of bienzyme systems and enzymatic chainsKotov, N. V.; Baker, R. E.; Dawidov, D. A.; Platov, K. V.; Valeyev, Najil V.; Skorinkin, A. I.; Maini, P. K.Journal Article
14-Jul-2015Effects of Surface Diffusion and Heating Rate on First-Stage Sintering That Densifies by Grain-Boundary DiffusionPan, Jingzhe; Luo, WendongJournal Article
31-Jul-2015An atomic finite element model for biodegradable polymers. Part 2. A model for change in Young's modulus due to polymer chain scissionGleadall, Andrew; Pan, Jingzhe; Kruft, Marc-AntonJournal Article
29-Jul-2015An atomic finite element model for biodegradable polymers. Part 1. Formulation of the finite elementsGleadall, Andrew; Pan, Jingzhe; Ding, Lifeng; Kruft, Marc-Anton; Curcó, DavidJournal Article
2-Mar-2016A constitutive law for degrading bioresorbable polymersSamami, Hassan; Pan, JingzheJournal Article
26-Jan-2014Degradation mechanisms of bioresorbable polyesters. Part 2. Effects of initial molecular weight and residual monomerGleadall, Andrew; Pan, Jingzhe; Kruft, Marc-Anton; Kellomäki, MinnaJournal Article
30-Dec-2013Degradation mechanisms of bioresorbable polyesters. Part 1. Effects of random scission, end scission and autocatalysisGleadall, Andrew; Pan, Jingzhe; Kruft, Marc-Anton; Kellomäki, MinnaJournal Article
21-Jul-2015Impact of dynamic voltage scaling and thermal factors on SRAM reliabilityRosa, F. R.; Brum, R. M.; Wirth, G.; Kastensmidt, F.; Ost, Luciano; Reis, R.Journal Article
2016Vacuum assisted flow initiation in arching powdersSinka, Iosif Csaba; Baserinia, R.; Rajniak, P.Journal Article
9-Feb-2016Hierarchical energy monitoring for task mapping in many-core systemsCastilhos, G.; Mandelli, M.; Ost, Luciano; Moraes, F.Journal Article
10-Jun-2014Crossed-magnetic-field experiments on stacked second generation superconducting tapes: Reduction of the demagnetization effectsBaghdadi, M.; Ruiz, Harold Steven; Coombs, T. A.Journal Article
5-Nov-2013A non-square sector condition and its application in deferred-action anti-windup compensator designTurner, Matthew C.; Herrmann, G.Journal Article
4-May-2014Lyapunov functions and L-2 gain bounds for systems with slope restricted nonlinearitiesTurner, Matthew C.; Kerr, M.Journal Article
2-Dec-2015Zames-Falb multipliers for absolute stability : from O'Shea's contribution to convex searchesTurner, Matthew C.; Carrasco, J.; Heath, W. P.Journal Article
2016Cubature H-∞ Information Filter and its ExtensionGu, Dawei; Chandra, K. P. B.; Postlethwaite, I.Journal Article
14-Aug-2014Thixoforming of A356/SiC and A356/TiB2 Nanocomposites Fabricated by a Combination of Green Compact Nanoparticle Incorporation and Ultrasonic Treatment of the Melted CompactKandemir, S.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Weston, David P.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Journal Article
24-Aug-2014New multi-stage DC–DC converters for grid-connected photovoltaic systemsHu, Y.; Cao, W.; Ji, Bing; Si, J.; Chen, X.Journal Article
6-May-2015Optimised phase disposition pulse-width modulation strategy for hybrid-clamped multilevel inverters using switching state sequencesMa, M.; He, X.; Cao, W.; Song, X.; Ji, BingJournal Article
12-Dec-2013Tractable stability analysis for systems containing repeated scalar slope-restricted nonlinearitiesTurner, Matthew Christopher; Kerr, M. L.; Sofrony, J.Journal Article
24-Jun-2015Antiwindup Design for Zero-Phase Repetitive ControllersFlores, J. V.; Gomes da Silva, J. M.; Sbarbaro, D.; Turner, Matthew Christopher; Salton, A. T.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 995
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