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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A simplified model of a fueldraulic actuation system with application to load estimationPuller, Tomas; Lecchini-Visintini, AndreaJournal Article
5-Jul-2018Linear stability analysis of the flow between rotating cylinders of wide gapAdebayo, D.; Al-Ameri, J.; Tyukin, I.; Rona, AldoJournal Article
2016Vegetation Attenuation and Its Dependence on Foliage DensityAdegoke, A. S.; Siddle, David; Salami, S. O.Journal Article
2015Excess loss measurement on isolated single tree canopies at microwave frequenciesAdegoke, A. S.; Siddle, DavidJournal Article
27-Apr-2018Mass flow rate of fine and cohesive powders under differential air pressureBaserinia, R.; Sinka, I. C.Journal Article
9-Jul-2018Equations of heat generation during friction stir welding for tapered polygonal toolsAl Bhadle, Basim M. A.; Al Azzawi, Rafat A. A.; Thornton, R.; Beamish, K.; Shi, S.; Dong, H. B.Journal Article
6-Aug-2018An X-band radio channel model for propagation through the solar coronaStocker, A. J.; Siddle, D. R.; Warrington, E. M.; Mariotti, G.; Silvestri, D.; Zeqaj, A.; Tortora, P.; Argyriou, A.; De Vicente, J.; Abello, R.; Mercolino, M.Journal Article
18-Jun-2018The effect of surface roughness on rotor-stator cavity flowsFernando, D.; Gao, S.; Garrett, S. J.Journal Article
28-Mar-2018Route Selection Based on Connectivity-Delay-Trust in Public Safety NetworksTang, Jinchuan; Chen, Gaojie; Coon, Justin P.Journal Article
12-Feb-2018The Meta Distribution of the Secrecy Rate in the Presence of Randomly Located EavesdroppersTang, Jinchuan; Chen, Gaojie; Coon, Justin P.Journal Article
29-Mar-2018Physical Layer Security in Visible Light Communication Systems with Randomly Located Colluding EavesdroppersCho, Sunghwan; Chen, Gaojie; Coon, Justin P.Journal Article
19-Mar-2018Optimal Routing for Multi-Hop Social-Based D2D Communications in the Internet of ThingsChen, Gaojie; Tang, Jinchuan; Coon, Justin P.Journal Article
17-Dec-2015Dual Antenna Selection in Secure Cognitive Radio NetworksChen, Gaojie; Gong, Yu; Xiao, Pei; Chambers, Jonathon A.Journal Article
30-May-2016Buffer-Aided Relay Selection With Reduced Packet Delay in Cooperative NetworksTian, Zhao; Gong, Yu; Chen, Gaojie; Chambers, Jonathon A.Journal Article
20-Nov-2015Buffer-Aided Link Selection with Network-Coding in Multi-hop NetworksTian, Zhao; Gong, Yu; Chen, Gaojie; Chen, Zhi; Chambers, JonathonJournal Article
2018Cuckoo Search as a Tool for Optimal Design of PM Brushless DC MotorCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Lefley, PaulJournal Article
20-Jan-2017Secrecy Outage Analysis for Downlink Transmissions in the Presence of Randomly Located EavesdroppersChen, Gaojie; Coon, Justin P.; Di Renzo, MarcoJournal Article
22-Feb-2018Halo Formation During Solidification of Refractory Metal Aluminide Ternary SystemsD'Souza, N.; Feitosa, L. M.; West, G. D.; Dong, H. B.Journal Article
21-May-2018Outage Performance of Two-Hop OFDM with Index Modulation and Multi-Carrier Relay SelectionsDang, Shuping; Chen, Gaojie; Coon, Justin P.Journal Article
1-Apr-2016An Equivalence Principle for OFDM-Based Combined Bulk/Per-Subcarrier Relay Selection over Equally Spatially Correlated ChannelsDang, Shuping; Coon, Justin P.; Chen, GaojieJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1122
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