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30-Mar-2017Aging of the skeletal muscle extracellular matrix drives a stem cell fibrogenic conversionStearns-Reider, Kristen M.; D'Amore, Antonio; Beezhold, Kevin; Rothrauff, Benjamin; Cavalli, Loredana; Wagner, William R.; Vorp, David A.; Tsamis, Alkiviadis; Shinde, Sunita; Zhang, Changqing; Barchowsky, Aaron; Rando, Thomas A.; Tuan, Rocky S.; Ambrosio, FabrisiaJournal Article
8-Aug-2007Modelling Powder CompactionSinka, CsabaJournal Article
13-Feb-2017HTS Motor Performance Evaluation by Different Pulsed Field Magnetization StrategiesHuang, Zhen; Ruiz, H. S.; Wang, Wei; Jin, Zhijian; Coombs, T. A.Journal Article
27-Jan-2017Smelting condition identification for a fused magnesium furnace based on an acoustic signalFu, You; Wang, Ninghui; Wang, Zhen; Wang, Zhiqiang; Ji, Bing; Wang, XiaochenJournal Article
17-Feb-2017Time Optimal Control of Variable Stiffness Actuated SystemsZhakatayev, Altay; Rubagotti, Matteo; Varol, Huseyin AtakanJournal Article
7-Feb-2017Positive μ modification as an anti-windup mechanismTurner, Matthew C.Journal Article
14-Feb-2017Computational study of unsteady mixed convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a 3D closed lid-driven cavityKareem, Ali Khaleel; Gao, ShianJournal Article
1-May-2015Analysis of the stator topology impact on cogging torque for surface permanent magnet motorPetkovska, Lidija; Cvetkovski, Goga; Lefley, PaulJournal Article
2017Pulsed Field Magnetization Strategies and the Field Poles Composition in a Bulk-type Superconducting MotorHuang, Zhen; Ruiz, Harold S.; Coombs, T. A.Journal Article
20-Jan-2017Optimal energy management of a small-size building via hybrid model predictive controlKhakimova, A.; Kusatayeva, A.; Shamshimova, A.; Sharipova, D.; Bemporad, A.; Familiant, Y.; Shintemirov, A.; Ten, V.; Rubagotti, MatteoJournal Article
18-Nov-2016A time-dependent power law viscosity model and its application in modelling semi-solid die casting of 319s alloyHu, X. G.; Zhu, Q.; Atkinson, H. V.; Lu, H. X.; Zhang, F.; Dong, H. B.; Kang, Y. L.Journal Article
18-Nov-2016Blistering in semi-solid die casting of aluminium alloys and its avoidanceHu, X. G.; Zhu, Q.; Midson, S. P.; Atkinson, H .V.; Dong, H. B.; Zhang, F.; Kang, Y. L.Journal Article
11-Jan-2017Initiation and growth kinetics of solidification cracking during welding of steel.Aucott, L.; Huang, D.; Dong, H. B.; Wen, S. W.; Marsden, J. A.; Rack, A.; Cocks, A. C.Journal Article
13-Dec-2016Effects of solute trapping on solidification path in Ta-rich Ta-Al-Fe ternary alloys under rapid freezingD'Souza, N.; Feitosa, L. M.; West, G. D.; Jones, N. G.; Dong, H. B.Journal Article
12-Jan-2015Combined Analysis of Electricity and Heat NetworksLiu, X.; Jenkins, N.; Wu, J.; Bagdanavicius, AudriusJournal Article
25-Jan-2017An interactive platform to guide catheter ablation in human persistent atrial fibrillation using dominant frequency, organization and phase mappingLi, Xin; Salinet, J. L.; Almeida, Tiago P.; Vanheusden, F. J.; Chu, Gavin S.; Ng, G André; Schlindwein, Fernando S.Journal Article
2017Measurement and modelling of pitting depth distribution for phosphor bronze tapes used in underground power transmission cablesZhou, Hang; Gnanasambandam, Sivashangari; Foresta, Maurizio; Weston, David; Li, F.; Pan, Jingzhe; Le Blanc, M.Journal Article
21-Jun-2013Effects of aluminum diffusion on the adhesive behavior of the Ni(111)/Cr2O3(0001) interface: First principle studyLiu, H.; Li, Y.; Zhang, C.; Dong, N.; Lan, A.; Li, H.; Dong, Hongbiao; Han, P.Journal Article
22-Mar-2016A numerical study on the effects of exhaust locations on energy consumption and thermal environment in an office room served by displacement ventilationAhmed, Ahmed Qasim; Gao, Shian; Kareem, Ali KhaleelJournal Article
1-Sep-2016Energy saving and indoor thermal comfort evaluation using a novel local exhaust ventilation system for office roomsAhmed, Ahmed Qasim; Gao, Shian; Kareem, Ali KhaleelJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1036
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