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31-Oct-2000Applications of electrical tomography for gas-solids and liquid-solids flows - A reviewDyakowski, T; Jeanmeure, LFC; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Jun-2000The design of an electrical capacitance tomography sensor for use with media of high dielectric permittivityJaworski, AJ; Bolton, GTJournal Article
Sep-2012Heat transfer processes in parallel-plate heat exchangers of thermoacoustic devices - numerical and experimental approachesJaworski, AJ; Piccolo, AJournal Article
Oct-2011Design and experimental validation of looped-tube thermoacoustic engineAbduljalil, AS; Yu, Z; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
1-Jun-2003Non-invasive process imaging - Principles and applications of industrial process tomographyDyakowski, T; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
1-Apr-2003Contribution to the understanding of flow interactions between multiple synthetic jetsWatson, M; Jaworski, AJ; Wood, NJJournal Article
Apr-2005Design and testing of a thick-film dual-modality sensor for composition measurements in heterogeneous mixturesMeng, G; Jaworski, AJ; Dyakowski, T; Hale, JM; White, NMJournal Article
May-2006Composition measurements of crude oil and process water emulsions using thick-film ultrasonic transducersMeng, G; Jaworski, AJ; White, NMJournal Article
1-Apr-2006A multi-electrode capacitance probe for phase detection in oil-water separation processes: Design, modelling and validationMeng, G; Jaworski, AJ; Kimber, JCSJournal Article
May-2006Acoustic coupling between the loudspeaker and the resonator in a standing-wave thermoacoustic deviceMarx, D; Mao, X; Jaworski, AJ; Marx, DJournal Article