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2008Microstructural Evolution in P23/P91 Heterogeneous Welds during Creep at 500-600° CVodárek, Vlastimil; Kuboň, Zdeněk; Foret, R.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Article
11-Feb-2009Airway wall geometry in asthma and nonasthmatic eosinophilic bronchitisSiddiqui, S.; Gupta, S.; Cruse, G.; Haldar, P.; Entwisle, J.; Mcdonald, S.; Whithers, P.J.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Coxson, H.O.; Brightling, C.Article
12-May-2010Impact wear testing of diamond-like carbon films for engine valve-tappet surfacesLawes, S.D.A.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Fitzpatrick, M.E.Article
Feb-2010Lubrication of Steel/Steel Contacts by Choline Chloride Ionic LiquidsLawes, S.D.A.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Blake, P.; Ryder, K.S.; Abbott, A.P.Article
15-Dec-2009Effect of tool profile and fatigue loading on the local hardness around scratches in clad and unclad aluminium alloy 2024Khan, M.K.; Fitzpatrick, M.E.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Edwards, L.Article
Oct-2010A combined experimental and finite element approach for determining mechanical properties of aluminium alloys by nanoindentationKhan, M.K.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Fitzpatrick, M.E.; Edwards, L.Article
2010Determination of the Residual Stress Field around Scratches Using Synchrotron X-Rays and NanoindentationKhan, M.K.; Fitzpatrick, Michael E.; Edwards, L.E.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Article
25-Jun-2015Temperature Dependence of Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior in AZ31 Magnesium AlloyZhang, S. Y.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Lawes, Simon D.A.Journal Article
23-Nov-2015Modelling the non-linear motion of the rat central airwaysIbrahim, Gihad; Rona, Aldo; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Journal Article
2007Cutting Crime: The Analysis of the 'Uniqueness' of Saw Marks on BoneSaville, P.A.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Rutty, G.N.Article