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2007Evaluation of the tribological properties of DLC for engine applicationsLawes, S. D. A.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Article
2005Effect of DLC Coatings on Wear in Automotive ApplicationsJohnston, S. V.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Article
Oct-2006Use of a micromanipulator at high temperature in an environmental scanning electron microscope to apply force during the sintering of copper particlesSmith, A. J.; Atkinson, H. V.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Cocks, A. C. F.Article
1-May-2007Diamond like carbon coatings for tribology: production techniques, characterisation methods and applicationsHainsworth, Sarah V.; Uhure, N. J.Article
28-Feb-2007Effect of CeO2 on the microstructure and wear behavior of thermal spray welded NiCrWRE coatingsZhang, Zhenyu; Wang, Zhiping; Liang, Bunv; Dong, H. B.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Article
2003The Effect of the Substrate on the Mechanical Properties of TiN coatingsHainsworth, Sarah V.; Soh, W. C.Article
14-Aug-2014Thixoforming of A356/SiC and A356/TiB2 Nanocomposites Fabricated by a Combination of Green Compact Nanoparticle Incorporation and Ultrasonic Treatment of the Melted CompactKandemir, S.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Weston, David P.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.Journal Article
Oct-2007Enhanced Detection of Thromboemboli With the Use of Targeted MicrobubblesMartin, Matthew J.; Chung, Emma M. L.; Goodall, Alison H.; Della Martina, Alberto; Ramnarine, Kumar V.; Fan, Lingke; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Naylor, Ross; Evans, David H.Article
Sep-2006Strain-energy method for determining residual stresses in anodised thin filmsCree, A. M.; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Weidmann, G. W.Article
2009Microstructural analysis of creep exposed IN617 alloyKrishna, Ram; Hainsworth, Sarah V.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Strang, A.Article