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3-Mar-2011Nighttime sporadic E measurements on an oblique path along the midlatitude trough.Stocker, A. J.; Warrington, E. MichaelArticle
1-Dec-2010Long-term statistics related to evaporation duct propagation of 2 GHz radio waves in the English ChannelGunashekar, S.D.; Warrington, E. Michael; Siddle, David R.Article
Jan-2006Transhorizon radiowave propagation due to evaporation ducting: the effect of tropospheric weather conditions on VHF and UHF radio paths over the seaGunashekar, S. D.; Siddle, D. R.; Warrington, E. MichaelArticle
15-Sep-2009Observations of HF propagation on a path aligned along the mid-latitude troughStocker, A. J.; Zaalov, N. Y.; Warrington, E. Michael; Siddle, D. R.Article
1-Jul-2009Time of flight measurements over a radio link from Uppsala to Bruntingthorpe and their application to testing predictions methods that approximate the ray tracing techniquePietrella, M.; Warrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A.J.; Bianchi, C.Article
2003Measurements of the Doppler and multipath spread of HF signals received over a path oriented along the mid-latitude troughWarrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A. J.Article
Aug-2004Time of flight and direction of arrival of HF radio signals received over a path along the midlatitude trough: ObservationsSiddle, D. R.; Stocker, A. J.; Warrington, E. MichaelArticle
2003A comparison of observed and modelled deviations from the great circle direction for a 4490 km HF propagation path along the midlatitude ionospheric troughStocker, A.J.; Warrington, E. Michael; Jones, T. B.Article
2003The simulation of off-great circle HF propagation effects due to the presence of patches and arcs of enhanced electron density within the polar cap ionosphereZaalov, N. Y.; Warrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A. J.Article
2006Measurement and modelling of HF channel directional spread characteristics for northerly pathsWarrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A. J.; Siddle, D. R.Article