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2004Aeolianite and barrier dune construction spanning the last two glacial-interglacial cycles from the southern Cape coast, South AfricaBateman, M.D.; Holmes, P.J.; Carr, A.S.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Jaiswal, M.K.Article
2004Decentralized Sliding-Mode Control for Multimachine Power Systems Using Only Output InformationYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.; Bleijs, J.A.M.Article
2003Improved Clearance of a Flight Control Law using mu-Analysis TechniquesBates, D.G.; Kureemun, R.; Mannchen, T.Article
2002The amount of carbon released from peat and forest fires in Indonesia during 1997Page, S.E.; Siegert, F.; Rieley, J.O.; Boehm, H.-D.V.; Jaya, Adi; Limin, Suwido H.Article
Sep-2001Direct inversion of the apparent complex-resistivity spectrumXiang, J.; Jones, N. B.; Cheng, D.; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresArticle
1-Oct-2005Seeding of single-crystal superalloys — Role of constitutional undercooling and primary dendrite orientation on stray-grain nucleation and growthD'Souza, N.; Jennings, P. A.; Yang, X. L.; Dong, Hongbiao; Lee, P. D.; McLean, M.Article
1-Nov-2005Microsegregation in Al-Cu AlloysKurum, E. C.; Dong, Hongbiao; Hunt, J. D.Article
2003Factors affecting the displacement force exerted on a stent graft after AAA repair - An in vitro studyVolodos, S.M.; Sayers, R.D.; Gostelow, Jonathan Paul; Bell, P.Article
2002Detection of asphyxia using heart rate variabilityBoardman, A.; Schlindwein, Fernando Soares; Thakor, N.V.; Kimura, T.; Geocadin, R.G.Article
Mar-2003A Study of Microsegregation in Al-Cu Using a Novel Single-Pan Scanning CalorimeterDong, Hongbiao; Shin, M. R. M.; Kurum, E. C.; Hunt, J. D.; Cama, H.Article