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2001Measurement of space charge distributions in solid insulators under rapidly varying voltage using the high-voltage, high-speed pulsed electro-acoustic (PEA) apparatusSee, A.; Fothergill, John C.; Dissado, Len A.; Alison, J.A.Article
2003Improving the performance of CMFD applications using multiple classifiers and a fusion frameworkParikh, C.R.; Pont, Michael J.; Jones, N.B.; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresArticle
2004Measurement of the flow properties of powders with special reference to die fillSinka, I.C.; Schneider, L.C.R.; Cocks, A.C.F.Article
2006Rapid Thermal Equilibration in Coarse-Grained Molecular DynamicsGill, S.P.A.; Jia, Z.; Leimkuhler, B.; Cocks, A.C.F.Article
2007Towards an Artificial Olfactory Mucosa for Improved Odour ClassificationGardner, J.W.; Covington, J.A.; Tan, S.L.; Pearce, T.C.Article
2004Cubic Spline Elements for Modelling Microstructural Evolution of Materials Controlled by Solid-state Diffusion and Grain-boundary MigrationCh'ng, H.N.; Pan, JingzheArticle
2006Glass surfaces grafted with high-density poly(ethylene glycol) as substrates for DNA oligonucleotide microarraysSchlapak, R.; Pammer, P.; Armitage, D.; Zhu, R.; Hinterdorfer, R.; Vaupel, M.; Fr├╝hwirth, T.; Howorka, S.Article
2007Finite Element Analysis of Sintering Deformation Using Densification Data Instead of a Constitutive LawKiani, S.; Pan, Jingzhe; Yeomans, J.A.; Barriere, M.; Blanchart, P.Article
2002Fatigue tolerant design of steel components based on the size of large inclusionsYates, J.R.; Shi, G.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Sellars, C.M.; Anderson, C.W.Article
2006Flux-Switching Motors for Automotive ApplicationsPollock, C.; Pollock, H.; Barron, R.; Coles, J.; Moule, D.; Court, A.; Sutton, R.Article