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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006A New Breed of Power Supply for ESPsLefley, P.W.; Parker, K.Article
2009Enhanced stability of coherently strained conical quantum dot arrays against coarsening: Beyond the small slope assumptionGill, SPAJournal Article
Dec-2001Error analysis of two-wavelength absorption-based fibre-optic sensorsXu, Y; Jones, NB; Fothergill, JC; Hanning, CDJournal Article
Mar-2004Enhancement of kinetic energy fluctuations due to expansionChernomoretz, A; Ison, MJ; Dorso, CO; Gulminelli, FJournal Article
11-Dec-2001Improvement of PEA signal analysis using simulations for complex geometry samplesHolé, Stéphane; Griseri, Virginie; Dissado, Leonard A.; Fothergill, John C.Journal Article
Jun-2003Electrical, microstructural, physical and chemical characterization of HV XLPE cable peelings for an electrical aging diagnostic data baseFothergill, John C.; Montanari, GC; Stevens, GC; Laurent, C; Teyssedre, G; Dissado, Len A.; Nilsson, UH; Platbrood, GJournal Article
20-Mar-2007A comparative study of inflow conditions for two- and three-dimensional spatially developing mixing layers using large eddy simulationMcMullan, W. A.; Gao, S.; Coats, Chris M.Article
7-Feb-2008Spatio-temporal information in an artificial olfactory mucosaSanchez-Montanes, M.A.; Gardner, J.W.; Pearce, Timothy CharlesJournal Article
Feb-2007Excitation of Thermoacoustic Oscillations by Premixing Domestic Gas BurnersCoats, Chris M.; Chang, Z.; Williams, P. D.Article
1-Feb-2003Response of semi-solid Sn-15 Pct Pb to rapid shear-rate changesLiu, T. Y.; Ward, P. J.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Kirkwood, D. H.Article