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8-Aug-2003Oblique ionogram features associated with off-great circle HF propagation at high and sub-auroral latitudesRogers, N.C.; Warrington, E. Michael; Jones, T.B.Article
Feb-2000Propagation of low-frequency radio wavesWarrington, E. Michael; Jones, T.B.Article
Jun-2009Ionospheric scintillation monitoring and modellingBéniguel, Yannick; Romano, Vincenzo; Alfonsi, Lucilla; Aquino, Marcio; Bourdillon, Alain; Cannon, Paul; De Franceschi, Giorgiana; Dubey, Smita; Forte, Biagio; Gherm, Vadim; Jakowski, Norbert; Materassi, Massimo; Noack, Thoralf; Pozoga, Mariusz; Rogers, Niel; Spalla, Paolo; Strangeways, Hal J.; Warrington, E. Michael; Wernik, Andrzej; Wilken, Volker; Zernov, NikolayArticle
13-Oct-2005Diurnal changes in UHF propagation over the English ChannelSiddle, D.R.; Warrington, E. MichaelArticle
2009HF spectrum occupancy and antennas.Casimiro, A.; Azevedo, J.; Economou, L.; Haralambous, H.; Tulunay, E.; Tulunay, Y.; Bahadirlar, Y.; Türk, A.S.; Warrington, E. MichaelArticle
Dec-2000Behaviour of superresolution direction finding algorithms for HF signals propagating through the high latitude ionosphereWarrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A.J.; Rizzo, C.Article
Jun-2009Utilization of antenna arrays in HF systems.Gunashekar, S. D.; Warrington, E. Michael; Strangeways, Hal J.; Erhel, Y.; Salous, S.; Feeney, S. M.; Abbasi, N. M.; Bertel, L.; Lemur, D.; Marie, F.; Oger, M.Article
Aug-2009Aspects of HF radio propagationWarrington, E. Michael; Bourdillon, Alain; Benito, E.; Bianchi, C.; Monilie, J. P.; Muriuki, M.; Pietrella, M.; Rannou, V.; Rothkaehl, H.; Saillant, S.; Sari, O.; Senalp, E. T.; Stocker, A. J.; Tulunay, E.; Tulunay, Y.; Zaalov, N. Y.Article
2002The effect of the mid-latitude trough on the direction of arrival and time-of-flight of HF radio signalsStocker, A. J.; Warrington, E. Michael; Zaalov, N. Y.Article
2004Propagation of HF radio waves over northerly paths: measurements,simulation and systems aspectsWarrington, E. Michael; Stocker, A. J.; Zaalov, N. Y.; Siddle, D. R.; Nasyrov, I. A.Article