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2001Measurement of space charge distributions in solid insulators under rapidly varying voltage using the high-voltage, high-speed pulsed electro-acoustic (PEA) apparatusSee, A.; Fothergill, John C.; Dissado, Len A.; Alison, J.A.Article
Jun-2003Electrical, microstructural, physical and chemical characterization of HV XLPE cable peelings for an electrical aging diagnostic data baseFothergill, John C.; Montanari, GC; Stevens, GC; Laurent, C; Teyssedre, G; Dissado, Len A.; Nilsson, UH; Platbrood, GJournal Article
21-Apr-2008Simulation of electrical ageing in insulating polymers using a quantitative physical modelDissado, Len A.; Thabet, A.Article
2005Demonstrating a threshold for trapped space charge accumulation in solid dielectrics under DC fieldDissado, Len A.; Laurent, Christian; Montanari, G.C.; Morshuis, P.H.F.Article
8-Nov-2004Percolation model for electrical breakdown in insulating polymersWu, Kai; Dissado, Len A.; Okamoto, TatsukiJournal Article
20-Nov-2006Models of bipolar charge transport in polyethyleneBoufayed, F.; Teyssèdre, G.; Laurent, C.; Le Roy, S.; Dissado, Len A.; Ségur, P.; Montanari, G.C.Journal Article
16-Mar-2005Erratum: 'Percolation model for electrical breakdown in insulating polymers' (vol 85, pg 4454, 2004)Wu, Kai; Okamoto, Tatsuki; Dissado, Len A.Journal Article
2002Predicting Electrical breakdown in Polymeric Insulators: From deterministic mechanisms to failure statisticsDissado, Len A.Article
2002Understanding Electrical Trees in Solids: From Experiment to theoryDissado, Len A.Article
21-Aug-2005Space charge behavior in Epoxy laminates under high constant electric field.Holé, Stéphane; Dissado, Len A.; Ajour, Mohammed Nasser; Fothergill, John C.Article