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5-Jun-2009Sliding-Mode Output-Feedback Control Based on LMIs for Plants With Mismatched UncertaintiesAndrade-da Silva, J. M.; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.Article
17-Dec-2009Output-feedback tracking in causal nonminimum-phase nonlinear systems using higher-order sliding modesShtessel, Yuri B.; Baev, Simon; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.Article
2004Decentralized Sliding-Mode Control for Multimachine Power Systems Using Only Output InformationYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.; Bleijs, J.A.M.Article
May-2008Fault Detection and Fault-Tolerant Control of a Civil Aircraft Using a Sliding-Mode-Based SchemeAlwi, Halim; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
Feb-2009Static Output Feedback Sliding Mode Control Design via an Artificial Stabilizing DelaySeuret, Alexandre; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.; Fridman, EmiliaArticle
Oct-2008Fault estimation for single output nonlinear systems using an adaptive sliding mode estimatorYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
1-Apr-2008Robust decentralized actuator fault detection and estimation for large-scale systems using a sliding mode observerYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
23-Jan-2009On discontinuous static output feedback control for linear systems with nonlinear disturbancesYan, Xing-Gang; Spurgeon, Sarah K.; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
8-Apr-2009Sliding mode estimation schemes for incipient sensor faultsAlwi, Halim; Edwards, Christopher; Tan, Chee PinArticle
2006A Comparison of Sliding Mode and Unknown Input Observers for Fault Reconstruction.Edwards, Christopher; Tan, Chee PinArticle