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2005Static H-infinity loop shaping control of a fly-by-wire helicopterPrempain, E.; Postlethwaite, IanArticle
2006Robustness analysis of biochemical network modelsKim, Jongrae; Bates, D.G.; Postlethwaite, Ian; Ma, L.; Inglesias, P.A.Article
2007Real-time optimal mission scheduling and flight path selectionKim, Yoonsoo; Gu, Da-Wei; Postlethwaite, IanArticle
10-Jan-2007Least-squares methods for identifying biochemical regulatory networks from noisy measurements.Kim, Jongrae; Bates, Declan G.; Postlethwaite, Ian; Heslop-Harrison, J.S. (Pat); Cho, Kwang-HyunArticle
9-Nov-2007Stochastic noise and synchronisation during dictyostelium aggregation make cAMP oscillations robust.Kim, Jongrae; Heslop-Harrison, Pat; Postlethwaite, Ian; Bates, Declan G.Journal Article
2006Nonlinear Robust Performance Analysis using Complex-Step Gradient ApproximationKim, Jongrae; Bates, D.G.; Postlethwaite, IanArticle
2007Incorporating robustness requirements into antiwindup designTurner, Matthew C.; Herrmann, Guido; Postlethwaite, IanArticle
3-May-2007Robust Control ApplicationsPostlethwaite, Ian; Turner, Matthew C.; Herrmann, GuidoArticle
Jun-2009Spectral radius minimization for optimal average consensus and output feedback stabilizationKim, Yoonsoo; Gu, Da-Wei; Postlethwaite, IanArticle
Sep-2005Design, implementation and testing of an intelligent knowledge-based system for the supervisory control of a hot rolling millYao, L.; Postlethwaite, Ian; Browne, W.; Gu, Da-Wei; Mar, M.; Lowes, S.Article