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Feb-2000Propagation of low-frequency radio wavesWarrington, E. Michael; Jones, T.B.Article
31-Oct-2000Applications of electrical tomography for gas-solids and liquid-solids flows - A reviewDyakowski, T; Jeanmeure, LFC; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
Jun-2000The design of an electrical capacitance tomography sensor for use with media of high dielectric permittivityJaworski, AJ; Bolton, GTJournal Article
2000Dicalcium nitride, Ca2N - a 2D "excess electron" compound; synthetic routes and crystal chemistryGregory, DH; Bowman, A; Baker, CF; Weston, DPJournal Article
2000Space charge characterization in aged LDPE amalgamated insulation regions from underwater telecommunication systemsBrown, MA; Chen, G; Davies, AE; Dissado, LA; Norman, PAJournal Article
Aug-2000Linear quadratic bumpless transferTurner, MC; Walker, DJ; Walker, DJJournal Article
Aug-2000Nonpremixed combustion in turbulent mixing layers part 2: Recirculation, mixing and flame stabilizationCoats, CM; Richardson, AP; Wang, SJournal Article
Aug-2000Nonpremixed combustion in turbulent mixing layers part 1: Flame characteristicsCoats, CM; Richardson, APJournal Article
Sep-2000Electrochemical lesions in the rat liver support its potential for treatment of liver tumors.Wemyss-Holden, SA; Robertson, GS; Dennison, AR; de la M Hall P; Fothergill, JC; Jones, B; Maddern, GJJournal Article
2000Robust control of the gasifier using a mixed-sensitivity H approachPrempain, E; Postlethwaite, I; Sun, XD; Prempain, EJournal Article