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Dec-2001Elemental strain and trapped space charge in thermoelectrical aging of insulating materials. Life modelingMazzanti, G; Montanari, GC; Dissado, LAJournal Article
Sep-2001Direct inversion of the apparent complex-resistivity spectrumXiang, J.; Jones, N. B.; Cheng, D.; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresArticle
2001Measurement of space charge distributions in solid insulators under rapidly varying voltage using the high-voltage, high-speed pulsed electro-acoustic (PEA) apparatusSee, A.; Fothergill, John C.; Dissado, Len A.; Alison, J.A.Article
Dec-2001Error analysis of two-wavelength absorption-based fibre-optic sensorsXu, Y; Jones, NB; Fothergill, JC; Hanning, CDJournal Article
11-Dec-2001Improvement of PEA signal analysis using simulations for complex geometry samplesHolé, Stéphane; Griseri, Virginie; Dissado, Leonard A.; Fothergill, John C.Journal Article
2001Constitutive Data for Powder Compaction ModellingSinka, I.C.; Cocks, A.C.F.; Tweed, J.H.Article
2001Wavelet entropy in event-related potentials: A new method shows ordering of EEG oscillationsQuian Quiroga R; Rosso, OA; Başar, E; Schürmann, M; Quian Quiroga R; Rosso, OA; Başar, EJournal Article
2001Wavelet Transform in the analysis of the frequency composition of evoked potentialsQuian Quiroga R; Sakowitz, OW; Basar, E; Schürmann, MJournal Article
Nov-2001Ternary lithium nitridocuprates, Li3-x-yCuxN: crystal growth, bulk synthesis, structure and magnetic propertiesGordon, AG; Gregory, DH; Blake, AJ; Weston, DP; Jones, MOJournal Article
2001Synthesis, stoichiometry and structure of the quaternary scandium cuprate Ba3Cu3Sc4O12 and of 334-phase solid solution members Ba3Cu3Sc4-xInxO12 (0 <= x <= 4)Gregory, DH; Mawdsley, PR; Barker, SJ; Daniell, W; Weston, DPJournal Article