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2002Accuracy assessment of a large-scale forest cover map of Central Siberia from Synthetic Aperture RadarBalzter, Heiko; Talmon, E.; Wagner, Wolfgang; Gaveau, David; Plummer, Stephen; Yu, Jiong Jiong; Quegan, Shaun; Davidson, Malcolm; Le Toan, Thuy; Gluck, Michael; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Nilsson, S.; Tansey, Kevin; Luckman, Adrian; Schmullius, ChristianeArticle
2002The amount of carbon released from peat and forest fires in Indonesia during 1997Page, S.E.; Siegert, F.; Rieley, J.O.; Boehm, H.-D.V.; Jaya, Adi; Limin, Suwido H.Article
2002Detection of asphyxia using heart rate variabilityBoardman, A.; Schlindwein, Fernando Soares; Thakor, N.V.; Kimura, T.; Geocadin, R.G.Article
2002Fatigue tolerant design of steel components based on the size of large inclusionsYates, J.R.; Shi, G.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Sellars, C.M.; Anderson, C.W.Article
Aug-2002Dynamical properties of constrained dropsIson, M; Balenzuela, P; Dorso, CO; Bonasera, AJournal Article
2002Dynamics of multiple swirling burner flowsAroussi, A.; Pickering, S.J.; Tarr, S.Article
Oct-2002Event synchronization: A simple and fast method to measure synchronicity and time delay patternsQuiroga, RQ; Kreuz, T; Grassberger, PJournal Article
Dec-2002Reactive sintering in Fe-Co systemWeston, DP; Degnan, CC; Wood, JVJournal Article
Jun-2002Erratum: Elemental strain and trapped space charge in thermoelectric ageing of insulating materials life modeling (IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (2001) 8 (966-971)Mazzanti, G; Montanari, C; Dissado, LAJournal Article
2002Habituation and sensitization in rat auditory evoked potentials: A single-trial analysis with wavelet denoisingQuian Quiroga R; Van Luijtelaar ELJMJournal Article