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2003Improved Clearance of a Flight Control Law using mu-Analysis TechniquesBates, D.G.; Kureemun, R.; Mannchen, T.Article
2003Factors affecting the displacement force exerted on a stent graft after AAA repair - An in vitro studyVolodos, S.M.; Sayers, R.D.; Gostelow, Jonathan Paul; Bell, P.Article
Mar-2003A Study of Microsegregation in Al-Cu Using a Novel Single-Pan Scanning CalorimeterDong, Hongbiao; Shin, M. R. M.; Kurum, E. C.; Hunt, J. D.; Cama, H.Article
2003Improving the performance of CMFD applications using multiple classifiers and a fusion frameworkParikh, C.R.; Pont, Michael J.; Jones, N.B.; Schlindwein, Fernando SoaresArticle
Jun-2003Electrical, microstructural, physical and chemical characterization of HV XLPE cable peelings for an electrical aging diagnostic data baseFothergill, John C.; Montanari, GC; Stevens, GC; Laurent, C; Teyssedre, G; Dissado, Len A.; Nilsson, UH; Platbrood, GJournal Article
1-Feb-2003Response of semi-solid Sn-15 Pct Pb to rapid shear-rate changesLiu, T. Y.; Ward, P. J.; Atkinson, Helen V.; Kirkwood, D. H.Article
8-Aug-2003Oblique ionogram features associated with off-great circle HF propagation at high and sub-auroral latitudesRogers, N.C.; Warrington, E. Michael; Jones, T.B.Article
2003Application of the Linear Matching Method to Cracked BodiesHabibullah, M. Salahuddin; Ponter, A.R.S.Article
2003Sliding Mode Observers for Robust Detection and Reconstruction of Actuator and Sensor FaultsTan, Chee Pin; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
Jun-2003Reply to "Comment on 'Performance of different synchronization measures in real data: A case study on electroencephalographic signals' "Quiroga, RQ; Kraskov, A; Kreuz, T; Grassberger, PJournal Article