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Aug-2004Effects of stimulus repetitions on the event-related potential of humans and rats.Sambeth, A; Maes, JH; Quian Quiroga R; Coenen, AMJournal Article
2004Aeolianite and barrier dune construction spanning the last two glacial-interglacial cycles from the southern Cape coast, South AfricaBateman, M.D.; Holmes, P.J.; Carr, A.S.; Horton, Benjamin P.; Jaiswal, M.K.Article
2004Decentralized Sliding-Mode Control for Multimachine Power Systems Using Only Output InformationYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.; Bleijs, J.A.M.Article
2004Measurement of the flow properties of powders with special reference to die fillSinka, I.C.; Schneider, L.C.R.; Cocks, A.C.F.Article
2004Cubic Spline Elements for Modelling Microstructural Evolution of Materials Controlled by Solid-state Diffusion and Grain-boundary MigrationCh'ng, H.N.; Pan, JingzheArticle
Mar-2004Enhancement of kinetic energy fluctuations due to expansionChernomoretz, A; Ison, MJ; Dorso, CO; Gulminelli, FJournal Article
Apr-2004Multistep induction heating regimes for thixoforming 7075 aluminium alloyChayong, S; Atkinson, HV; Kapranos, P; Chayong, S; Atkinson, HVJournal Article
Sep-2004Practical implementation of a novel anti-windup scheme in a HDD-dual-stage servo-systemHerrmann, G; Turner, MC; Postlethwaite, I; Guo, GJournal Article
Oct-2004An improved particle swarm optimizer for mechanical design optimization problemsHe, S; Prempain, E; Wu, QHJournal Article
Aug-2004Analysis of tablet compaction. I. Characterization of mechanical behavior of powder and powder/tooling friction.Cunningham, JC; Sinka, IC; Zavaliangos, AJournal Article