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2007Towards an Artificial Olfactory Mucosa for Improved Odour ClassificationGardner, J.W.; Covington, J.A.; Tan, S.L.; Pearce, T.C.Article
2007Finite Element Analysis of Sintering Deformation Using Densification Data Instead of a Constitutive LawKiani, S.; Pan, Jingzhe; Yeomans, J.A.; Barriere, M.; Blanchart, P.Article
20-Mar-2007A comparative study of inflow conditions for two- and three-dimensional spatially developing mixing layers using large eddy simulationMcMullan, W. A.; Gao, S.; Coats, Chris M.Article
Feb-2007Excitation of Thermoacoustic Oscillations by Premixing Domestic Gas BurnersCoats, Chris M.; Chang, Z.; Williams, P. D.Article
2007Analog VLSI Circuit Implementation of an Adaptive Neuromorphic Olfaction ChipKoickal, T.J.; Hamilton, A.; Tan, S.L.; Covington, J.A.; Gardner, J.W.; Pearce, T.C.Article
11-Jul-2007Improvements to the modelling of two-phase flow and heat transfer in a transient nuclear reactor analysis codeGao, Shian; Leslie, D.C.; Hewitt, G.F.Article
Feb-2007An environmental scanning electron microscopy investigation of fatigue crack initiation and propagation in elastomersHainsworth, Sarah V.Article
16-Apr-2007Higher-order sliding-mode observer for state estimation and input reconstruction in nonlinear systemsFridman, Leonid; Shtessel, Yuri; Edwards, Christopher; Yan, Xing-GangArticle
19-Oct-2007Optimal braking and estimation of tyre friction in automotive vehicles using sliding modesPatel, Nitin; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.Article
15-Oct-2007On the Solvability of the Constrained Lyapunov ProblemEdwards, Christopher; Yan, Xing-Gang; Spurgeon, Sarah K.Article