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Jan-2008Efficient implementation of fault-tolerant data structures in embedded control software.Short, Michael J.; Schwarz, Michael; Boercsoek, JosefArticle
7-Feb-2008Spatio-temporal information in an artificial olfactory mucosaSanchez-Montanes, M.A.; Gardner, J.W.; Pearce, Timothy CharlesJournal Article
May-2008Fault Detection and Fault-Tolerant Control of a Civil Aircraft Using a Sliding-Mode-Based SchemeAlwi, Halim; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
Oct-2008Fault estimation for single output nonlinear systems using an adaptive sliding mode estimatorYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
1-Apr-2008Robust decentralized actuator fault detection and estimation for large-scale systems using a sliding mode observerYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
19-Aug-2008Adaptive Sliding-Mode-Observer-Based Fault Reconstruction for Nonlinear Systems With Parametric UncertaintiesYan, Xing-Gang; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
21-Feb-2008Stability and performance recovery within discretized non-linear control systemsHerrmann, Guido; Spurgeon, Sarah K.; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
2-Apr-2008Fault tolerant control using sliding modes with on-line control allocationAlwi, Halim; Edwards, ChristopherArticle
Sep-2008Fault Tolerant Sliding Mode Control Design with Piloted Simulator EvaluationAlwi, Halim; Edwards, Christopher; Stroosma, Olaf; Mulder, J.Article
27-Apr-2008Safe radioisotope thermoelectric generators and heat sources for space applicationsO’Brien, R.C.; Ambrosi, R.M.; Bannister, N.P.; Howe, S.D.; Atkinson, Helen V.Article