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Aug-2004Effects of stimulus repetitions on the event-related potential of humans and rats.Sambeth, A; Maes, JH; Quian Quiroga R; Coenen, AMJournal Article
29-Mar-2006Movement intention is better predicted than attention in the posterior parietal cortex.Quian Quiroga R; Snyder, LH; Batista, AP; Cui, H; Andersen, RAJournal Article
Sep-2005Nonlinear multivariate analysis of neurophysiological signals.Pereda, E; Quiroga, RQ; Bhattacharya, JJournal Article
15-Nov-2009Realistic simulation of extracellular recordings.Martinez, J; Pedreira, C; Ison, MJ; Quian Quiroga RJournal Article
Mar-2008Sparse but not 'grandmother-cell' coding in the medial temporal lobe.Quiroga, RQ; Kreiman, G; Koch, C; Fried, IJournal Article
2-Feb-2006Object selectivity of local field potentials and spikes in the macaque inferior temporal cortex.Kreiman, G; Hung, CP; Kraskov, A; Quiroga, RQ; Poggio, T; DiCarlo, JJJournal Article
Sep-2000Electrochemical lesions in the rat liver support its potential for treatment of liver tumors.Wemyss-Holden, SA; Robertson, GS; Dennison, AR; de la M Hall P; Fothergill, JC; Jones, B; Maddern, GJJournal Article
2003Entorhinal inputs to dentate gyrus are activated mainly by conditioned events with long time intervals.Talnov, AN; Quian Quiroga R; Meier, M; Matsumoto, G; Brankack, JJournal Article
Nov-2006Programmable logic construction kits for hyper-real-time neuronal modeling.Guerrero-Rivera, R; Morrison, A; Diesmann, M; Pearce, TCJournal Article
Mar-2009Extracting information from neuronal populations: information theory and decoding approaches.Quian Quiroga R; Panzeri, SJournal Article