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16-Nov-2006Enhanced elastic interactions between conical quantum dotsGill, Simon P.A.Journal Article
12-Feb-2004Enhanced re-habituation of the orienting response of the human event-related potentialSambeth, A; Maes, JHR; Van Rijn CM; Coenen, AML; Quian Quiroga RJournal Article
Dec-2001Elemental strain and trapped space charge in thermoelectrical aging of insulating materials. Life modelingMazzanti, G; Montanari, GC; Dissado, LAJournal Article
Aug-2004Effects of stimulus repetitions on the event-related potential of humans and rats.Sambeth, A; Maes, JH; Quian Quiroga R; Coenen, AMJournal Article
Oct-2005Electrical aging and life models: The role of space chargeMazzanti, G; Montanari, GC; Dissado, LA; Mazzanti, G; Montanari, GC; Montanari, GC; Montanari, GC; Montanari, GC; Montanari, GC; Dissado, LA; Dissado, LA; Dissado, LAJournal Article
5-Jun-2009Sliding-Mode Output-Feedback Control Based on LMIs for Plants With Mismatched UncertaintiesAndrade-da Silva, J. M.; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.Article
17-Dec-2009Output-feedback tracking in causal nonminimum-phase nonlinear systems using higher-order sliding modesShtessel, Yuri B.; Baev, Simon; Edwards, Christopher; Spurgeon, Sarah K.Article
2002Accuracy assessment of a large-scale forest cover map of Central Siberia from Synthetic Aperture RadarBalzter, Heiko; Talmon, E.; Wagner, Wolfgang; Gaveau, David; Plummer, Stephen; Yu, Jiong Jiong; Quegan, Shaun; Davidson, Malcolm; Le Toan, Thuy; Gluck, Michael; Shvidenko, Anatoly; Nilsson, S.; Tansey, Kevin; Luckman, Adrian; Schmullius, ChristianeArticle
Jan-2008Efficient implementation of fault-tolerant data structures in embedded control software.Short, Michael J.; Schwarz, Michael; Boercsoek, JosefArticle
2005Static H-infinity loop shaping control of a fly-by-wire helicopterPrempain, E.; Postlethwaite, IanArticle