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16-Nov-2010Large Eddy Simulation of a Controlled Diffusion Compressor CascadeMcMullan, W. Andrew; Page, Gary J.Journal Article
23-Jul-1998An observation of pressure waves around a shallow cavityZhang, X; Rona, A; Edwards, JAJournal Article
1-Jan-1997Extracting Reynolds-stress and dissipation budgets from finite-volume simulations of turbulenceVoke, PR; Yang, Z; Gao, SJournal Article
18-Mar-1999Attenuation of cavity flow oscillation through leading edge flow controlZhang, X; Chen, XX; Rona, A; Edwards, JAJournal Article
1-Oct-2010Oscillatory flow at the end of parallel-plate stacks: phenomenological and similarity analysisMao, X; Jaworski, AJJournal Article
13-Mar-2014Stability of the boundary layer on a rotating disk for power-law fluidsGriffiths, P. T.; Stephen, S. O.; Bassom, A. P.; Garrett, Stephen JohnJournal Article
22-Dec-2015The centrifugal instability of the boundary-layer flow over a slender rotating cone in an enforced axial free streamHussain, Z.; Garrett, Stephen J.; Stephen, S. O.; Griffiths, Paul TravisJournal Article
28-Sep-2014The neutral curve for stationary disturbances in rotating disk flow for power-law fluidsGriffiths, P. T.; Garrett, Stephen John; Stephen, S. O.Journal Article
20-Aug-2016Footbridge system identification using wireless inertial measurement units for force and response measurementsBrownjohn, James Mark William; Bocian, Mateusz; Hester, David; Quattrone, Antonino; Hudson, William; Moore, Daniel; Goh, Sushma; Lim, Meng SunJournal Article
31-Oct-2017Spanwise domain effects on streamwise vortices in the plane turbulent mixing layerMcMullan, W. A.Journal Article