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Title: Editorial: Jacques Lacan with organization studies
Authors: Contu, Alessia
Driver, Michaela
Jones, Campbell
First Published: May-2010
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Citation: Organization, 2010, 17 (3), pp. 307-315.
Abstract: The articles in this special issue celebrate the late arrival of Jacques Lacan into organization studies. Each article takes up ideas from Lacan in order to read organization and organizations studies differently, taking on questions as diverse as enjoyment, creativity, stress and identity through to the very nature of the human and the endeavour of organization theory. Our introduction to this special issue aims to un/tangle three key points. First, we aim to provide a basic compass, which might enable those unfamiliar with Lacan’s territory to release themselves of any existing fears about language and about consciousness, and prepare themselves for the real shock of an encounter with Lacan. Second, we situate Lacan with organization studies, which will involve asking why organization studies always seems to arrive late to the scene of theoretical crimes and, moreover, asking what it is about organization studies that has delayed the entry of Lacan until now. Third, we introduce the six contributions to the special issue.
ISSN: 1350-5084
Type: Article
Description: This paper was published as Organization, 2010, 17 (3), pp. 307-315. It is available from Doi: 10.1177/1350508410364095
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