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Title: Transient Behaviour of Semi-Solid Alloy Slurries
Authors: Atkinson, Helen V.
Liu, T. Y.
Ward, P. J.
Kirkwood, D. H.
Kapranos, P.
First Published: Apr-2003
Publisher: Nuova Ipsa Editore
Citation: Proceedings of the 6th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, 2003, pp. 315-318
Abstract: Semisolid metals, used in thixoforming, are thixotropic. The slurry viscosity is shear-rate and time dependent provided the semisolid microstructure consists of solid spheroids surrounded by liquid. Thixoforming takes less than 1 second, during which time the structure of the material breaks down. The transient behaviour of semisolid slurries is thus critical to die filling. For solid fractions less than 50%, this breakdown can be studied by viscometry, using rapid data-collection rates, by imposing rapid increases in shear rate on the slurry. For solid fractions greater than 50%, different techniques, such as rapid compression in the thixoformer itself, must be used. Here such experiments with Sn 15%Pb and with aluminium alloys will be described.
ISBN: 88-7676-211-6
Type: Conference paper
Description: The author presented this paper as an invited keynote lecture at The 6th International ESAFORM conference on Material Forming, Salerno, Italy, April 28-30, 2003. The paper has also been published in the conference Proceedings.
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