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Title: In Situ Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (ESEM) of Semi-Solid Samples
Authors: Smith, A. J.
Atkinson, Helen V.
Hainsworth, S. V.
Dong, Hongbiao
Haghayeghi, R.
First Published: 15-Oct-2006
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Citation: Solid State Phenomena, 2006, 116-117, pp. 700-703
Abstract: The ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope) is an instrument that circumvents a limitation of conventional SEM, in that samples can be examined in a gaseous atmosphere rather than a vacuum. With a heating stage, dynamic processes can be observed in situ at high temperature. In this study, A201 aluminium alloy samples with globular structures have been examined in the semisolid region. In addition, a manipulator has been installed onto the heating stage to allow the probing of semi-solid surfaces. The paper shows the potential for manipulating semi-solid materials in order to better understand thixotropic phenomena.
DOI Link: 10.4028/
ISSN: 1662-9779
Type: Conference paper
Rights: This paper was presented at the 9th International Conference on Semi-Solid Processing, Basan, South Korea, September 2006, and published as Solid State Phenomena, 2006, 116-117, pp. 700-703. The published version is available at, doi: 10.4028/
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