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24-Jun-2019Modelling and Validation of Satellite-Derived Hourly Global Horizontal Irradiance in Northeast Iraq Based On a New Quality Control ProcedureAmeen, Bikhtiyar M.Thesis
1-Jul-2019Essays on Strategic Information AcquisitionArca, PasqualinaThesis
24-Jun-2019Structural Features of the Extracellular Region of Programmed Cell Death Ligand-1 and the Implications for Therapeutic TargetingWalker, Kayleigh L.Thesis
14-Jun-2019The Role of Activated Platelets in the Regulation of a Pro-Atherogenic Monocyte PhenotypeKurmani, Sameer A.Thesis
7-Aug-2019Circadian Regulation Through The Binding of Heme to Drosophila Melanogaster PER-PASMaaroof, Raoof J. A.Thesis
9-Aug-2019Maternity Leaves, Maternal Becomings: The Cultural Construction of Mothering in Present-Day Budapest and SofiaCheresheva, IrinaThesis
7-Aug-2019The Genome Landscape Of Elaeis Guineensis: Development And Utility Of Chromosome-Specific Cytogenetic MarkersMohd Zaki, NoorharizaThesis
7-Aug-2019A Cross-Sectional Study On Resilience To Burnout In Veterinary Surgeons In The United KingdomBack, Donna B.Thesis
7-Aug-2019Studies of Helium Droplet Mass Spectrometry and Magnetic NanoparticlesPughe, CharlotteThesis
7-Aug-2019Analysis Of Cytokine Concentration And The Visual Analogue Pain Scale Score As Early Indicators Of Sepsis In Gall Stone Disease Patients Evaluating Quality Of Life Questionnaires To Determine Which Patients Will Experience Significant Pain After InterventionSoulsby, RachelThesis