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Title: Measurement of [Ca2+]i in Whole Cell Suspensions Using Fura-2
Authors: Hirst, Robert A.
Harrison, Charlotte
Hirota, Kazuyoshi
Lambert, David G.
First Published: 2005
Publisher: Humana Press (Springer Imprint)
Citation: Methods in Molecular Biology, 2005, 312 (Calcium Signaling Protocols), pp. 37-45
Abstract: An elevation in intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i) acts to trigger a range of cellular events including neurotransmitter release, muscle contraction, and oocyte fertilization (1,2). The pattern of elevation in [Ca2+]i and response to that elevation is dependent on the agonist and the cell type.
ISSN: 1064-3745
Type: Article
Description: Full text of this item is not currently available on the LRA. The original publication is available at, Doi: 10.1385/1-59259-949-4:037.
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