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Title: Sensational interests, sustaining fantasies and personality predict physical aggression
Authors: Egan, Vincent
Campbell, Vickie
First Published: 22-May-2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Personality and Individual Differences, 2009, 47 (5), pp. 464-469
Abstract: An interest in sensational topics is commonly linked with violent offending, as are revenge fantasies and low Agreeableness (A). These constructs were assessed in 280 participants from the general population who provided self report data regarding interests in sensational topics, sustaining fantasies, general personality traits, and self-reported physical aggression. The Sustaining Fantasies Questionnaire’s 10 subscales were reduced to positive, negative and narcissistic dimensions of sustaining fantasy. Structural equation modelling found that lower levels of A was the strongest predictor of physical aggression, with additional independent predictors of physical aggression being an interest in sensationalist militaristic topics and using narcissistic sustaining fantasies for self-consolation. The assumption that interests in aggressive and violent or bizarre topics necessarily leads to the expression of physical aggression is challenged, as interests in isolation from personality do not predict aggression. The prediction of aggression requires a thorough assessment of personality and individual cognitions rather than superficial recreational choices.
ISSN: 0191-8869
Type: Article
Description: Full text of this item is not currently available on the LRA. The final published version is available at, Doi: 10.1016/j.paid.2009.04.021.
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