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Title: Meiotic Gene Conversion and Crossing Over Between Dispersed Homologous Sequences Occurs Frequently in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Authors: Lichten, Michael
Borts, Rhona H.
Haber, James E.
First Published: Feb-1987
Publisher: Genetics Society of America
Citation: Genetics, 1987, 115(2), pp.233-246.
Abstract: We have examined meiotic recombination between two defined leu2 heteroalleles present at the normal LEU2 locus and in leu2-containing plasmids inserted at four other genomic locations. In diploids where the two leu2 markers were present at allelic locations on parental homologs, the frequency of Leu2+ spores varied 38-fold, in a location-dependent manner. These results indicate that recombination in a genetic interval can be modulated by sequences at least 2.7 kb outside that interval. Leu2+ meiotic segregants were also recovered from diploids where LEU2 was marked with one heteroallele, and the other leu2 heteroallele was inserted at another genomic location. These products of ectopic interactions, between dispersed copies of leu2 sharing only 2.2 kb of homology, were recovered at a frequency comparable to that observed in corresponding allelic crosses. This high frequency of ectopic meiotic recombination was observed in crosses where both recombining partners could potentially pair with sequences at an allelic position. In addition, a significant fraction (22-50%) of these ectopic recombinants were associated with crossing over of flanking sequences.
ISSN: 0016-6731 (Print)
1943-2361 (Online)
Type: Article
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