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Title: Evaluation of the Onset of Space Charge and Electroluminescence as a Marker for Cross-Linked Polyethylene Ageing.
Authors: See, A.
Fothergill, John C.
Dissado, Len A.
Stevens, G.C.
Montanari, G.C.
Laurent, Christian
Teyssedre, Gilbert
First Published: Jul-2001
Publisher: Société Française du Vide
Citation: 4th International Conference on Electric Charge in Solid Insulators (CSC4), 2-6 July 2001, pp. 185-188.
Abstract: The aim of the “ARTEMIS” project is to investigate the ageing mechanisms for cross-linked polyethylene under thermo-electrical stress and to identify ageing markers, which can be used to carry out diagnostic procedures. A carefully selected set of techniques which can give cross-correlated information on space charge phenomenology and material degradation were used to investigate specimens peeled from reference and aged cables. The paper shows that ageing induces a change in the density and depth of trapping levels, and an increase in the number and size of mesovoids. Interpretation of these results is discussed in terms of physico-chemical modifications, which can affect trap distribution and microstructure.
Type: Conference paper
Description: This paper was presented at the 4th International Conference on Electric Charge in Solid Insulators (CSC4), 2-6 July 2001 and published as pp. 185-188 of the Proceedings. The final version may be available from
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