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Title: Therapeutic Community residency and emotional management of female drug users
Authors: Colley, Emma
Award date: 2009
Abstract: The current study was the first of its kind and utilised a sample of five female offenders who had completed the only female specific Therapeutic Community (T.C) for drug addiction in the U.K prison system. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect that such residency had on individuals’ emotional management skills (i.e. how they experienced, coped and communicated emotional states) compared to when they were active drug users. The study was based on a qualitative design and used semi-structured interviews as the method of inquiry. Owing to the study’s small sample size and the individual nature of drug treatment outcome Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (I.P.A) was utilised in order to produce idiographic as opposed to nomethetic results. T.C residency was found to improve participants’ emotional management. Results suggested that before T.C residency all participants displayed problematic/immature emotional management skills particularly in relation to ‘negative’ affective states. However during T.C residency individuals witnessed elements of emotional healing and increased emotion connection. Additionally improvements were noted in emotional consideration, emotional communication, outward emotional displays and self-worth. Despite such improvements further developments in T.C treatment are suggested concerning treatment length and the incorporation of independent emotional management strategies.
Type: Dissertation
Level: Masters
Qualification: MSc
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