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Title: Rape Myth acceptance and rape proclivity across different age groups
Authors: Bampton, Elizabeth
Award date: 2009
Abstract: A self-report questionnaire was used to ascertain a correlation between participant rape myth acceptance (RMA) and rape proclivity (RP). Furthermore, it was predicted that providing participants with novel feedback about previous participants’ responses would influence current participants in terms of both RMA and RP; feedback was provided on a between subjects basis. In keeping with previous research, participants were found to conform to the norm in terms of RMA, and were found to be more or less likely to commit rape if subjected to greater or lesser RMA feedback respectively. Age was also a dependent variable in the design, and a prediction of a 28-37 age group exhibiting the greatest RMA and RP was made based on official statistics. This hypothesis was rejected, although it suggest that normative social influence decreases in impact with age. The overall findings of this study support previous research that there is a link between attitudes about rape and likeliness to commit rape. Reported rape is on the increase in the UK (Home Office, as cited in Rape Crisis, n.d.) making this an area of research that is paramount if rape prevalence is to be addressed.
Type: Dissertation
Level: Masters
Qualification: MSc
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