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5-Dec-2014Increased constitutive αSMA and Smad2/3 expression in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis myofibroblasts is KCa3.1-dependent.Roach, Katy M.; Wulff, H.; Feghali-Bostwick, C.; Amrani, Yassine; Bradding, Peter
26-Mar-2015Human lung myofibroblast TGFβ1-dependent Smad2/3 signalling is Ca(2+)-dependent and regulated by KCa3.1 K(+) channels.Roach, Katy M.; Feghali-Bostwick, C.; Wulff, H.; Amrani, Yassine; Bradding, Peter
1-Apr-2015Systematic mutagenesis of genes encoding predicted autotransported proteins of Burkholderia pseudomallei identifies factors mediating virulence in mice, net intracellular replication and a novel protein conferring serum resistance.Lazar Adler, Natalie R.; Stevens, M. P.; Dean, R. E.; Saint, R. J.; Pankhania, Depesh; Prior, J. L.; Atkins, T. P.; Kessler, B.; Nithichanon, A.; Lertmemongkolchai, G.; Galyov, Edouard E.
5-Mar-2015Hyperphosphatemia, Phosphoprotein Phosphatases, and Microparticle Release in Vascular Endothelial Cells.Abbasian, Nima; Burton, James O.; Herbert, Karl E.; Tregunna, Barbara-Emily; Brown, Jeremy R.; Ghaderi-Najafabadi, Maryam; Brunskill, Nigel J.; Goodall, Alison H.; Bevington, Alan
2-Dec-2014Stepwise visualization of membrane pore formation by suilysin, a bacterial cholesterol-dependent cytolysinLeung, C.; Dudkina, N. V.; Lukoyanova, N.; Hodel, A. W.; Farabella, I.; Pandurangan, A. P.; Jahan, Nasrin; Damaso, Mafalda Pires; Osmanovic, D.; Reboul, C. F.; Dunstone, M. A.; Andrew, Peter W.; Lonnen, Rana; Topf, M.; Saibil, H. R.; Hoogenboom, B. W.
14-Nov-2014Temperature dependent bacteriophages of a tropical bacterial pathogenShan, Jinyu; Korbsrisate, S.; Withatanung, P.; Lazar Adler, Natalie; Clokie, Martha R. J.; Galyov, Edouard E.
2-Aug-2013Elevated levels of procoagulant plasma microvesicles in dialysis patients.Burton, James O.; Hamali, Hassan A.; Singh, Ruchir; Abbasian, Nima; Parsons, Ruth; Patel, Amit K.; Goodall, Alison H.; Brunskill, Nigel J.
2013Inflammatory factors and exercise in chronic kidney disease.Dungey, Maurice; Hull, Katherine L.; Smith, Alice C.; Burton, James O.; Bishop, Nicolette C.
Jan-2015Temporal Assessment Of Airway Remodeling In Severe Asthma Using Quantitative Computed TomographyGupta, Sumit; Hartley, Ruth; Singapuri, Amisha; Hargadon, Beverly; Monteiro, William; Pavord, I. D.; Sousa, A. R.; Marshall, R. P.; Subramanian, D.; Parr, D.; Entwisle, J. J.; Siddiqui, Salman; Raj, Vimal; Brightling, Christopher E.
20-Dec-2012CIM (R) monolithic anion-exchange chromatography as a useful alternative to CsCl gradient purification of bacteriophage particlesAdriaenssens, E. M.; Lehman, S. M.; Vandersteegen, K.; Vandenheuvel, D.; Philippe, Didier L.; Cornelissen, A.; Clokie, Martha R.J; Garcia, A. J.; De Proft, M.; Maes, M.; Lavigne, R.
15-Dec-2014IL-33-dependent type 2 inflammation during rhinovirus-induced asthma exacerbations in vivoJackson, David J.; Makrinioti, Heidi; Rana, Batika M. J.; Shamji, Betty W. H.; Trujillo-Torralbo, Maria-Belen; Footitt, Joseph; del-Rosario, Jerico; Telcian, Aurica G.; Nikonova, Alexandra; Zhu, Jie; Aniscenko, Julia; Gogsadze, Leila; Bakhsoliani, Eteri; Traub, Stephanie; Dhariwal, Jaideep; Porter, James; Hunt, Duncan; Hunt, Toby; Hunt, Trevor; Stanciu, Luminita A.; Khaitov, Musa; Bartlett, Nathan W.; Edwards, Michael R.; Kon, Onn Min; Mallia, Patrick; Papadopoulos, Nikolaos G.; Akdis, Cezmi A.; Westwick, John; Edwards, Matthew J.; Cousins, David J.; Walton, Ross P.; Johnston, Sebastian L.
10-Aug-2014IL-9 is a key component of memory TH cell peanut-specific responses from children with peanut allergyBrough, Helen A.; Cousins, David J.; Munteanu, Alina; Wong, Yuen Fei; Sudra, Asha; Makinson, Kerry; Stephens, Alick C.; Arno, Matthew; Ciortuz, Liviu; Lack, Gideon; Turcanu, Victor
2014Vitamin D enhances production of soluble ST2, inhibiting the action of IL-33Pfeffer, P. E.; Chen, Y. H.; Woszczek, G.; Matthews, N. C.; Chevretton, E.; Gupta, A.; Saglani, S.; Bush, A.; Corrigan, C.; Cousins, David J.; Hawrylowicz, C. M.
21-Feb-2014Distinct conformations of the chemokine receptor CCR4 with implications for its targeting in allergyViney, Jonathan M.; Phillips, Rhian M.; Meiser, Andrea; Patel, Pallavi; Pease, James E.; Andrew, David P.; Barton, Nicholas P.; Hall, David A.; Lennartz-Walker, Melissa; Cousins, David J.
19-Jul-2014Sphingosine-1-phosphate induces pro-remodelling response in airway smooth muscle cells.Fuerst, Elisabeth; Foster, Holly R.; Ward, Jeremy P. T.; Corrigan, Christopher J.; Cousins, David J.; Woszczek, Grzegorz
Sep-2009Fibronectin is a TH1-specific molecule in human subjectsSandig, Hilary; McDonald, Joanne; Gilmour, Jane; Arno, Matthew; Lee, Tak H.; Cousins, David J.
18-Jul-2007Human Th2 cells selectively express the orexigenic peptide, pro-melanin-concentrating hormoneSandig, Hilary; McDonald, Joanne; Gilmour, Jane; Arno, Matthew; Lee, Tak H.; Cousins, David J.
27-Apr-2014Clostridium difficile phages : Still difficult?Hargreaves, Katherine R.; Clokie, Martha R. J.
10-Sep-2013The contribution of Orai(CRACM)1 and Orai(CRACM)2 channels in store-operated Ca2+ entry and mediator release in human lung mast cellsAshmole, Ian; Duffy, S. Mark; Leyland, Mark L.; Bradding, Peter
3-Mar-2014Genetic factors regulating lung vasculature and immune cell functions associate with resistance to pneumococcal infectionJonczyk, Magda S.; Simon, Michelle; Kumar, Saumya; Fernandes, Vitor E.; Sylvius, Nicolas; Mallon, Ann-Marie; Denny, Paul; Andrew, Peter W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1649
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