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27-Apr-2016Challenges in Collating Spirometry Reference Data for South-Asian Children: An Observational StudyLum, Sooky; Bountziouka, Vassiliki; Quanjer, Philip; Sonnappa, Samatha; Wade, Angela; Beardsmore, Caroline; Chhabra, Sunil K.; Chudasama, Rajesh K.; Cook, Derek G.; Harding, Seeromanie; Kuehni, Claudia E.; Prasad, K. V. V.; Whincup, Peter H.; Lee, Simon; Stocks, JanetJournal Article
27-Sep-2007Salmeterol plus fluticasone propionate versus fluticasone propionate plus montelukast: a randomised controlled trial investigating the effects on airway inflammation in asthmaPavord, Ian Douglas; Woodcock, Ashley; Parker, Debbie; Rice, Leanne; SOLTA study groupJournal Article
19-Jan-2016Variation in Inflammatory Response during Pneumococcal Infection Is Influenced by Host-Pathogen Interactions but Associated with Animal Survival.Jonczyk, Magda S.; Escudero, Laura; Sylvius, Nicolas; Norman, Martin; Henriques-Normark, Birgitta; Andrew, Peter W.Journal Article
1-Feb-2016Bacteriophage Combinations Significantly Reduce Clostridium difficile Growth In Vitro and Proliferation In VivoNale, Janet Y.; Spencer, Janice; Hargreaves, Katherine R.; Buckley, Anthony M.; Trzepinski, Przemysław; Douce, Gillian R.; Clokie, Martha R. J.Journal Article
2016Temperature-controlled laminar airflow in severe asthma for exacerbation reduction (The LASER Trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trialStorrar, W.; Fogg, C.; Brown, T.; Dennison, P.; Yu, L. M.; Dewey, A.; Luengo-Fernandez, R.; Dean, T.; Rahman, N.; Mansur, A.; Howarth, P. H.; Bradding, Peter; Chauhan, A. J.Journal Article
5-Feb-2016p38 MAPK Is Activated but Does Not Play a Key Role during Apoptosis Induction by Saturated Fatty Acid in Human Pancreatic β-CellsŠrámek, Jan; Němcová-Fürstová, Vlasta; Balušíková, Kamila; Daniel, Petr; Jelínek, Michael; James, Roger F.; Kovář, JanJournal Article
7-Mar-2016Full Genome Characterization of Human Influenza A/H3N2 Isolates from Asian Countries Reveals a Rare Amantadine Resistance-Conferring Mutation and Novel PB1-F2 PolymorphismsZaraket, H.; Kondo, H.; Hibino, A.; Yagami, R.; Odagiri, T.; Takemae, N.; Tsunekuni, R.; Saito, T.; Japanese Influenza Collaborative Study Group; Myint, Y. Y.; Kyaw, Y.; Oo, K. Y.; Tin, H. H.; Lin, N.; Anh, N. P.; Hang, N. L. K.; Mai, L. Q.; Hassan, M. R.; Shobugawa, Y.; Tang, Julian; Dbaibo, G.; Saito, R.Journal Article
3-Feb-2016A Site-Specific Integrative Plasmid Found in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Isolate HS87 along with A Plasmid Carrying an Aminoglycoside-Resistant GeneBi, D.; Xie, Y.; Tai, C.; Jiang, X.; Zhang, J.; Harrison, Ewan M.; Jia, S. E.; Deng, Z.; Rajakumar, Kumar; Ou, H. Y.Journal Article
15-Jul-2011Autotransporters and Their Role in the Virulence of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia malleiLazar Adler, Natalie Ruth; Stevens, J. M.; Stevens, M. P.; Galyov, E. E.Journal Article
8-Apr-2016Mapping physiological G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathways reveals a role for receptor phosphorylation in airway contractionBradleya, Sophie J.; Wiegman, Coen H.; Iglesias, Max Maza; Kong, Kok Choi; Butcher, Adrian J.; Plouffe, Bianca; Goupil, Eugénie; Bourgognon, Julie-Myrtille; Macedo-Hatch, Timothy; LeGouill, Christian; Russell, Kirsty; Laporte, Stéphane A.; König, Gabriele M.; Kostenis, Evi; Bouvier, Michel; Chung, Kian Fan; Amrani, Yassine; Tobin, Andrew B.Journal Article
24-Feb-2014Carbon in airway macrophages from children with asthma.Brugha, R. E.; Mushtaq, N.; Round, T.; Gadhvi, D. H.; Dundas, I.; Gaillard, Erol; Koh, L.; Fleming, L. J.; Lewis, D. J.; Sanak, M.; Wood, H. E.; Barratt, B.; Mudway, I. S.; Kelly, F. J.; Griffiths, C. J.; Grigg, J.Journal Article
2-Feb-2016Leukotriene E4 is a full functional agonist for human cysteinyl leukotriene type 1 receptor-dependent gene expressionFoster, H. R.; Fuerst, E.; Branchett, W.; Lee, T. H.; Cousins, David John; Woszczek, G.Journal Article
24-Aug-2015Interleukin 27R regulates CD4+ T cell phenotype and impacts protective immunity during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.Torrado, E.; Fountain, J. J.; Liao, M.; Tighe, M.; Reiley, W. W.; Lai, R. P.; Meintjes, G.; Pearl, John E.; Chen, X.; Zak, D. E.; Thompson, E. G.; Aderem, A.; Ghilardi, N.; Solache, A.; McKinstry, K. K.; Strutt, T. M.; Wilkinson, R. J.; Swain, S. L.; Cooper, A. M.Journal Article
14-Sep-2015Oxidation of the alarmin IL-33 regulates ST2-dependent inflammationCohen, E. S.; Scott, I. C.; Majithiya, J. B.; Rapley, L.; Kemp, B. P.; England, E.; Rees, D. G.; Overed-Sayer, C. L.; Woods, J.; Bond, N. J.; Veyssier, C. S.; Embrey, K. J.; Sims, D. A.; Snaith, M. R.; Vousden, K. A.; Strain, M. D.; Chan, D. T.; Carmen, S.; Huntington, C. E.; Flavell, L.; Xu, J.; Popovic, B.; Brightling, Christopher Edward; Vaughan, T. J.; Butler, R.; Lowe, D. C.; Higazi, D. R.; Corkill, D. J.; May, R. D.; Sleeman, M. A.; Mustelin, T.Journal Article
16-Feb-2016Phenotypically adapted Mycobacterium tuberculosis populations from sputum are tolerant to first line drugsTurapov, O.; O'Connor, B. D.; Sarybaeva, A. A.; Williams, C.; Patel, H.; Kadyrov, A. S.; Sarybaev, A. S.; Woltmann, G.; Barer, M. R.; Mukamolova, Galina V.Journal Article
15-Feb-2010Section 3. A discussion of flexible dosing and patient-centered therapy: highlights of the asthma summit 2009: beyond the guidelinesCanonica, G. W.; Brightling, Christopher EdwardJournal Article
19-Mar-2016Relationship between lung function and quantitative computed tomographic parameters of airway remodeling, air trapping, and emphysema in patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A single-center studyHartley, Ruth A.; Barker, Bethan L.; Newby, Chris; Pakkal, Mini; Baldi, Simonetta; Kajekar, R.; Kay, R.; Laurencin, M.; Marshall, R. P.; Sousa, A. R; Parmar, H.; Siddiqui, Salman; Gupta, Sumit; Brightling, Christopher E.Journal Article
2016Exome-wide analysis of rare coding variation identifies novel associations with COPD and airflow limitation in MOCS3, IFIT3 and SERPINA12Jackson, Victoria E.; Ntalla, Ioanna; Brightling, Chris E.; Sayers, I.; Morris, R.; Whincup, P.; Casas, J-P.; Amuzu, A.; Choi, M.; Dale, C.; Kumari, M.; Engmann, J.; Kalsheker, N.; Chappell, S.; Guetta-Baranes, T.; McKeever, T. M.; Tavendale, C. N. A.; Palmer, R.; Holloway, J. W.; Sayer, A. A.; Dennison, E. M.; Cooper, C.; Bafadhel, M.; Barker, Bethan; Bolton, C. E.; John, M. E.; Parker, S. G.; Moffat, M. F.; Wardlaw, A. J.; Connolly, M. J.; Porteous, D. J.; Smith, B. H.; Padmanabhan, S.; Hocking, L.; Stirrups, K. E.; Deloukas, P.; Strachan, D. P.; Hall, I. P.; Tobin, Martin D.; Wain, Louise V.; Taylor, Louise V.Journal Article
7-Nov-2014Destination Airway : Tracking Granulocytes in AsthmaBrightling, Christopher EdwardJournal Article
18-Nov-2013Genome-wide protein QTL mapping identifies human plasma kallikrein as a post-translational regulator of serum uPAR levels.Portelli, M. A.; Siedlinski, M.; Stewart, C. E.; Postma, D. S.; Nieuwenhuis, M. A.; Vonk, J. M.; Nurnberg, P.; Altmuller, J.; Moffatt, M. F.; Wardlaw, Andrew John; Parker, S. G.; Connolly, M. J.; Koppelman, G. H.; Sayers, I.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1792
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