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20-Oct-2016Intradermal grass pollen immunotherapy increases Th2 and IgE Responses and worsens respiratory allergic symptomsSlovick, A.; Douiri, A.; Muir, R.; Guerra, A.; Tsiouslos, K.; Hay, E.; Lam, E. P. S.; Kelly, J.; Peacock, J. L.; Ying, S.; Shamji, M. H.; Cousins, David J.; Durham, S. R.; Till, S. J.Journal Article
8-Aug-2016Development of an In Vitro Assay for Detection of Drug-Induced Resuscitation-Promoting-Factor-Dependent Mycobacteria.Loraine, Jessica; Pu, Feifei; Turapov, Obolbek; Mukamolova, Galina V.Journal Article
28-Sep-2016Differential Effects of p38, MAPK, PI3K or Rho Kinase Inhibitors on Bacterial Phagocytosis and Efferocytosis by Macrophages in COPD.Bewley, M. A.; Belchamber, K. B.; Chana, K. K.; Budd, R. C.; Donaldson, G.; Wedzicha, J. A.; Brightling, Christopher E.; Kilty, I.; Donnelly, L. E.; Barnes, P. J.; Singh, D.; Whyte, M. K.; Dockrell, D. H.; COPDMAPJournal Article
26-Sep-2016Analyses of the Distribution Patterns of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Associated Phages in Soil Samples in Thailand Suggest That Phage Presence Reduces the Frequency of Bacterial IsolationWithatanung, P.; Chantratita, N.; Muangsombut, V.; Saiprom, N.; Lertmemongkolchai, G.; Klumpp, J.; Clokie, Martha R. J.; Galyov, Edouard E; Korbsrisate, SuneeJournal Article
3-Oct-2016Study protocol for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Sitting and ExacerbAtions Trial (COPD-SEAT): a randomised controlled feasibility trial of a home-based self-monitoring sedentary behaviour interventionOrme, M.; Weedon, A.; Esliger, Dale; Saukko, P.; Morgan, Mike; Steiner, Michael; Downey, John; Singh, Sally; Sherar, L.Journal Article
2-Apr-2016Should Immunosuppressive Therapy Be Used in Slowly Progressive IgA Nephropathy?Feehally, John; Barratt, JonathanJournal Article
9-Sep-2016A Multicenter Study of the Predictive Value of Crescents in IgA Nephropathy.Haas, M.; Verhave, J. C.; Liu, Z. H.; Alpers, C. E.; Barratt, Jonathan; Becker, J. U.; Cattran, D.; Cook, H. T.; Coppo, R.; Feehally, John; Pani, A.; Perkowska-Ptasinska, A.; Roberts, I. S.; Soares, M. F.; Trimarchi, H.; Wang, S.; Yuzawa, Y.; Zhang, H.; Troyanov, S.; Katafuchi, R.Journal Article
11-Nov-2015Early growth characteristics and the risk of reduced lung function and asthma: A meta-analysis of 25,000 children.den Dekker, H. T.; Sonnenschein-van der Voort, A. M.; de Jongste, J. C.; Anessi-Maesano, I.; Arshad, S. H.; Barros, H.; Beardsmore, Caroline S.; Bisgaard, H.; Phar, S. C.; Craig, L.; Devereux, G.; van der Ent, C. K.; Esplugues, A.; Fantini, M. P.; Flexeder, C.; Frey, U.; Forastiere, F.; Gehring, U.; Gori, D.; van der Gugten, A. C.; Henderson, A. J.; Heude, B.; Ibarluzea, J.; Inskip, H. M.; Keil, T.; Kogevinas, M.; Kreiner-Møller, E.; Kuehni, C. E.; Lau, S.; Mélen, E.; Mommers, M.; Morales, E.; Penders, J.; Pike, K. C.; Porta, D.; Reiss, I. K.; Roberts, G.; Schmidt, A.; Schultz, E. S.; Schulz, H.; Sunyer, J.; Torrent, M.; Vassilaki, M.; Wijga, A. H.; Zabaleta, C.; Jaddoe, V. W.; Duijts, L.Journal Article
30-Jun-2016The independent role of prenatal and postnatal exposure to active and passive smoking on the development of early wheeze in childrenVardavas, C. I.; Hohmann, C.; Patelarou, E.; Martinez, D.; Henderson, A. J.; Granell, R.; Sunyer, J.; Torrent, M.; Fantini, M. P.; Gori, D.; Annesi-Maesano, I.; Slama, R.; Duijts, L.; de Jongste, J. C.; Aurrekoetxea, J. J.; Basterrechea, M.; Morales, E.; Ballester, F.; Murcia, M.; Thijs, C.; Mommers, M.; Kuehni, C. E.; Gaillard, E. A.; Tischer, C.; Heinrich, J.; Pizzi, C.; Zugna, D.; Gehring, U.; Wijga, A.; Chatzi, L.; Vassilaki, M.; Bergstrom, A.; Eller, E.; Lau, S.; Keil, T.; Nieuwenhuijsen, M.; Kogevinas, M.Journal Article
14-Oct-2016Latent tuberculosis infection screening and treatment in HIV: insights from evaluation of UK practice.White, Helena A .; Miller, R. F.; Pozniak, A. L.; Lipman, M. C.; Stephenson, Iain; Wiselka, Martin J.; Pareek, ManishJournal Article
22-Aug-2016Experimentally-induced anti-myeloperoxidase vasculitis does not require properdin, MASP-2 or bone marrow-derived C5.Freeley, S. J.; Popat, R. J.; Parmar, K.; Kolev, M.; Hunt, B. J.; Stover, Cordula M.; Schwaeble, Willhelm; Kemper, C.; Robson, M. G.Journal Article
5-Oct-2016Airway and peripheral uPAR is elevated in asthma, and identifies a severe, non-atopic subset of patients.Portelli, M. A.; Moseley, C.; Stewart, C. E.; Postma, D. S.; Howarth, P.; Warner, J. A.; Holloway, J. W.; Koppelman, G. H.; Brightling, C.; Sayers, I.Journal Article
Oct-2016Induction treatment of previously undiagnosed ANCA-associated vasculitis in a renal transplant patient with Rituximab.Graham-Brown, M. P.; Aljayyousi, R.; Baines, R. J.; Burton, J. O.; Brunskill, N. J.; Furness, P.; Topham, P.Journal Article
18-Nov-2016Salad leaf juices enhance Salmonella growth, fresh produce colonisation and virulenceKoukkidis, Giannis; Haigh, Richard; Allcock, Natalie; Jordan, S.; Freestone, PrimroseJournal Article
19-Sep-2016Randomized multicentre pilot study of sacubitril/valsartan versus irbesartan in patients with chronic kidney disease: United Kingdom Heart and Renal Protection (HARP)- III-rationale, trial design and baseline data.UK HARP-III Collaborative GroupJournal Article
18-Oct-2016The Ser82 RAGE Variant Affects Lung Function and Serum RAGE in Smokers and sRAGE Production In VitroMiller, S.; Henry, A. P.; Hodge, E.; Kheirallah, A. K.; Billington, C. K.; Rimington, T. L.; Bhaker, S. K.; Obeidat, M.; Melén, E.; Merid, S. K.; Swan, C.; Gowland, C.; Nelson, C. P.; Stewart, C. E.; Bolton, C. E.; Kilty, I.; Malarstig, A.; Parker, S. G.; Moffatt, M. F.; Wardlaw, Andrew J.; Hall, I.; Sayers, I.Journal Article
7-Oct-2016Meta-analysis of asthma-related hospitalization in mepolizumab studies of severe eosinophilic asthma.Yancey, S. W.; Ortega, H. G.; Keene, O. N.; Mayer, B.; Gunsoy, N. B.; Brightling, Christopher E.; Bleecker, E. R.; Haldar, Pranabashis; Pavord, I. D.Journal Article
31-Aug-2016‘Get in Early’; Biofilm and Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella) Models Reveal New Insights into the Therapeutic Potential of Clostridium difficile BacteriophagesNale, Janet Y.; Chutia, Mahananda; Carr, Philippa; Hickenbotham, Peter T.; Clokie, Martha R. J.Journal Article
23-May-2016Quantitative analysis of methyl and propyl parabens in neonatal DBS using LC-MS/MS.Yakkundi, S.; Mulla, Hussain; Pandya, Hitesh; Turner, M. A.; McElnay, J.Journal Article
13-Oct-2016Brexit and Trade Ties between Europe and Commonwealth States in Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities for Pro-poor Growth or a Further Entrenchment of North–South Inequalities?Langan, MarkJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1847
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