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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Satellite Cell Function, Intramuscular Inflammation and Exercise in Chronic Kidney DiseaseO'Sullivan, T. F.; Smith, A. C.; Watson, E. A.Journal Article
29-Jan-2018Energy limitation of cyanophage development: implications for marine carbon cycling.Puxty, Richard J.; Evans, David J.; Millard, Andrew D.; Scanlan, David J.Journal Article
12-Jan-2018Relative stability of ploidy in a marine Synechococcus across various growth conditionsPerez-Sepulveda, Blanca; Pitt, Frances; N'Guyen, An N.; Ratin, Morgane; Garczarek, Laurence; Millard, Andrew; Scanlan, David J.Journal Article
13-Feb-2018Efficacy of an Optimised Bacteriophage Cocktail to Clear Clostridium difficile in a Batch Fermentation ModelNale, Janet Y.; Redgwell, Tamsin A.; Millard, Andrew; Clokie, Martha R. J.Journal Article
11-Nov-2016Association of slow recovery of Mycobacterium africanum-infected patients posttreatment with high content of Persister-Like bacilli in pretreatment sputum.Tientcheu, L. D.; Bell, A.; Secka, O.; Ayorinde, A.; Otu, J.; Garton, N. J.; Sutherland, J. S.; Ota, M. O.; Antonio, M.; Dockrell, H. M.; Kampmann, B.; Barer, Michael R.Journal Article
23-Apr-2018Rgg-Shp regulators are important for pneumococcal colonization and invasion through their effect on mannose utilization and capsule synthesisZhi, Xiangyun; Abdullah, Iman Tajer; Gazioglu, Ozcan; Manzoor, I.; Shafeeq, S.; Kuipers, O. P.; Hiller, N. L.; Andrew, Peter W.; Yesilkaya, HasanJournal Article
15-Aug-2017Rapid replacement by non-vaccine pneumococcal serotypes may mitigate the impact of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on nasopharyngeal bacterial ecologyKwambana-Adams, B.; Hanson, B.; Worwui, A.; Agbla, S.; Foster-Nyarko, E.; Ceesay, F.; Ebruke, C.; Egere, U.; Zhou, Y.; Ndukum, M.; Sodergren, E.; Barer, Michael; Adegbola, R.; Weinstock, G.; Antonio, M.Journal Article
25-Sep-2017Association between breastfeeding and eczema during childhood and adolescence: A cohort study.Wang, Jingying; Ramette, Alban; Jurca, Maja; Goutaki, Myrofora; Beardsmore, Caroline S.; Kuehni, Claudia E.Journal Article
16-Apr-2018Prospective risk of osteoporotic fractures in patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Gupta, Ayushman; Greening, Neil J.; Evans, Rachael A.; Samuels, Abigail; Toms, Nicole; Steiner, Michael C.Journal Article
13-Mar-2018Longitudinal Associations between Respiratory Infections and Asthma in Young Children.Ramette, Alban; Spycher, Ben D; Wang, Jingying; Goutaki, Myrofora; Beardsmore, Caroline S.; Kuehni, Claudia EJournal Article
29-Aug-2017The Prevalence of Canine Oral Protozoa and Their Association with Periodontal Disease.Patel, Niran; Colyer, Alison; Harris, Steve; Holcombe, Lucy; Andrew, PeterJournal Article
18-Apr-2016Collectin-11 detects stress-induced L-fucose pattern to trigger renal epithelial injuryFarrar, C. A.; Tran, D.; Li, K.; Wu, W.; Peng, Q.; Schwaeble, Wilhelm; Zhou, W.; Sacks, S. H.Journal Article
23-Mar-2018Bacteriophages are more virulent to bacteria with human cells than they are in bacterial culture; insights from HT-29 cellsShan, Jinyu; Ramachandran, Ananthi; Thanki, Anisha M.; Vukusic, Fatima B. I.; Barylski, Jakub; Clokie, Martha R. J.Journal Article
14-Aug-2017Listeria monocytogenes has both a bd-type and an aa3 -type terminal oxidase which allow growth in different oxygen levels and both are important in infection.Corbett, David; Goldrick, Marie; Fernandes, Vitor E.; Davidge, Kelly; Poole, Robert K.; Andrew, Peter W.; Cavet, Jennifer; Roberts, Ian S.Journal Article
24-Aug-2017The potential of circulating autoantibodies in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s diseaseYin, Wen; Stover, Cordula M.Journal Article
6-Mar-2017Phage therapy is highly effective against chronic lung infections with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Waters, Elaine M.; Neill, Daniel R.; Kaman, Basak.; Sahota, Jaspreet S.; Clokie, Martha R. J.; Winstanley, Craig; Kadioglu, ArasJournal Article
11-Jul-2017On the Origin of Reverse Transcriptase-Using CRISPR-Cas Systems and Their Hyperdiverse, Enigmatic Spacer Repertoires.Silas, S.; Makarova, K. S.; Shmakov, S.; Páez-Espino, D.; Mohr, G.; Liu, Y.; Davison, M.; Roux, S.; Krishnamurthy, S. R.; Fu, B. X. H.; Hansen, L. L.; Wang, D.; Sullivan, M. B.; Millard, A.; Clokie, Martha R.; Bhaya, D.; Lambowitz, A. M.; Kyrpides, N. .C; Koonin, E. V.; Fire, A. Z.Journal Article
20-Mar-2017Extracellular matrix proteomics identifies molecular signature of symptomatic carotid plaquesLangley, S. R.; Willeit, K.; Didangelos, Athanasios; Matic, L. P.; Skroblin, P.; Barallobre-Barreiro, J.; Lengquist, M.; Rungger, G.; Kapustin, A.; Kedenko, L.; Molenaar, C.; Lu, R.; Barwari, T.; Suna, G.; Yin, X.; Iglseder, B.; Paulweber, B.; Willeit, P.; Shalhoub, J.; Pasterkamp, G.; Davies, A. H.; Monaco, C.; Hedin, U.; Shanahan, C. M.; Willeit, J.; Kiechl, S.; Mayr, M.Journal Article
1-Feb-2018MicroRNAs: a new avenue to understand, investigate and treat immunoglobulin A nephropathy?Selvaskandan, Haresh; Pawluczyk, Izabella; Barratt, JonathanJournal Article
12-Oct-2017Microencapsulation of Clostridium difficile specific bacteriophages using microfluidic glass capillary devices for colon delivery using pH triggered release.Vinner, Gurinder K.; Vladisavljević, Goran T.; Clokie, Martha R. J.; Malik, Danish J.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1983
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