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1996The relative influence of delayed graft function and acute rejection on renal transplant survivalNicholson, ML; Wheatley, TJ; Horsburgh, T; Edwards, CM; Veitch, PS; Bell, PRFJournal Article
Jan-2012Use of internal iliac artery as a side-to-end anastomosis in renal transplantation.Mohamed, IH; Bagul, A; Doughman, T; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jan-2012Leukocyte and platelet depletion improves blood flow and function in a renal transplant modelYates, PJ; Hosgood, SA; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
2012Naked caspase 3 small interfering RNA is effective in cold preservation but not in autotransplantation of porcine kidneysYang, C; Jia, Y; Zhao, T; Xue, Y; Zhao, Z; Wang, J; Wang, X; Qiu, Y; Lin, M; Zhu, D; Qi, G; Qiu, Y; Tang, Q; Rong, R; Xu, M; Zhu, T; Yang, C; Jia, Y; Zhao, T; Xue, Y; Zhao, Z; Wang, J; Wang, X; Qiu, Y; Lin, M; Zhu, D; Qi, G; Qiu, Y; Tang, Q; Rong, R; Xu, M; Zhu, T; Zhang, J; Yang, B; Ni, S; Lai, B; Nicholson, ML; Yang, BJournal Article
15-Sep-2012Randomized clinical trial of transversus abdominis plane block versus placebo control in live-donor nephrectomy.Hosgood, SA; Thiyagarajan, UM; Nicholson, HF; Jeyapalan, I; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Dec-2011Early graft function defined by area under the curve serum creatinine 7 days post-transplant in a series of live donor kidney transplantationHosgood, SA; Barlow, AD; Johari, Y; Nicholson, ML; Bankart, MJJournal Article
Feb-2012Extending anatomic barriers to right laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy.Bagul, A; Frost, JH; Mathuram Thiyagarajan U; Mohamed, IH; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jan-2008Experimental renal preservation by normothermic resuscitation perfusion with autologous blood.Bagul, A; Hosgood, SA; Kaushik, M; Kay, MD; Waller, HL; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jan-2005Comparison of renal allograft fibrosis after transplantation from heart-beating and non-heart-beating donors.Bains, JC; Sandford, RM; Brook, NR; Hosgood, SA; Lewis, GR; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Oct-2009Comparison of preservation solutions in an experimental model of organ cooling in kidney transplantation.Kay, MD; Hosgood, SA; Bagul, A; Nicholson, MLJournal Article